Nominations for 2010 Popular Award

Welcome to the nominations for the 2010 Linescratchers Popular Award.  This is where you can nominate your favorite musician who released an album sometime in 2010.  The nominations will be open till the beginning of January. Popular voting to determine the winner will occur in January.  Use the comments section to make your nominations (I’ll man the spam filter to make sure everyone’s nominations get through).


1. Artists must currently (as of this year) self-identify as LDS.  If it is not well-known that your artist is LDS, please provide a link showing that your artist is indeed LDS.  This contest isn’t for closeted Mormons.  If artists contact me and ask to be taken off the list for any reason, they will quietly disappear from the list.
2. If it is a band, at least one member of the band must self-identify as LDS. Again, please provide a link.
3. Artists must have released a full-length album (EPs or singles are not sufficient) between Jan. 1st, 2010, and Dec. 31st, 2010. Please provide the name of the album and if possible a link.
4. There is no worthiness or activity requirement for nominations.
5. Linescratchers is for “LDS musicians who don’t write LDS music.” Keep that in mind when you make your nominations. Deseret Book and other faith-based organizations can and do have their own awards.
6. You may nominate as many artists as you wish, as long as they satisfy the conditions of the award.
7. You may nominate both Linescratchers featured artists, and non-featured artists.

If you have any questions or want clarification about any artist, please email me at linescratchers(at)

Nominations for 2010 Popular Award

28 thoughts on “Nominations for 2010 Popular Award

  1. Cody says:

    I’ll nominate Retribution Gospel Choir’s new one, 2. It’s a huge step up, songwriting-wise and I think really fills out the breadth that the band is capable of.


  2. Lime Colony and RGC are both great picks. I’d also like to nominate Brandon Flowers’ Flamingo since it’s obvious from my review that I enjoyed it.


  3. myself – I mean my band haha:) – these guys – Mayan Fox

    Otherwise I must admit, I’ve only just heard Lime Colony but they’re pretty rad. I’m off to listen to more Linescratcher recommendations and i’ll get back to!


  4. Shaye says:

    I saw Mayan Fox live a few weeks ago. They were awesome. I’m not really a pop music fan but my cousin kept playing their album and I realised it was deeper than I had first thought. Fetchin’ catchy too and it grew on me:) lol – They can have my vote.


  5. pete thomas says:

    love listening to my mayan fox cd’s, they make me feel all orgasmic inside, keep it up mayan as i often use your music to get the mrs in the mood love ya work


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