NEW RELEASE – Jeff Zentner’s A Season Lost

Album artwork by Matt Page

Linescratchers artist Jeff Zentner has released a new album entitled A Season Lost on his Bandcamp page.  From his Official Facebook Page:

My friends, it is my great pleasure to announce the release of my new album, A Season Lost, on July 24, 2012. I could not be more proud of this album. It features performances from my friends Elin Palmer, Rykarda Parasol, Arborea, Matt Bauer, Sumie Nagano, Hannah Fury, and Josie Little.

I will be getting back with you soon on pre-order details, details about physical copies, etc. But for the moment, allow me to make a small entreaty for you to purchase this album, which will cost $8 for the digital version.

Every penny that went into the making of this album came from my own pocket. Aside from the prodigious musical and artistic talents of my friends, I had no help in making it. Music is not my primary source of income. I work very hard during the day so that when I come home, to steal a few moments for making music, I am able to fund these albums, and I am at the whim of no record label or person. To say the least, sales of this album will not be funding a swimming pool in my backyard.

I don’t need to sell millions or even thousands of copies to achieve my sole financial goal for this album, which is to simply not lose hundreds of dollars. But I do need to sell hundreds, which means that if you are reading this, I need your help.

I know that times are difficult, and money is tight. But imagine the sort of fleeting pleasures you’ll spend $8 on. A salad at a modest restaurant. A movie ticket. A couple of drinks with friends. Coffee and a pastry. Parking for the day in a big city. A couple of gallons of gas. I hope that if you invest your hard-earned money in this album, it will provide you with a more lasting pleasure and satisfaction than any of those things. I hope it’s one of the best $8 you’ve ever spent. I’ve worked very hard to make it so.

And now, please enjoy your first complete listen of A Season Lost.

NEW RELEASE – Jeff Zentner’s A Season Lost

Haun’s Mill: The handsewn CD

When Syphax first emailed the Linescratchers’ author list about Haun’s Mill, I was instantly intrigued:

… an awesome group from Texas called Haun’s Mill (formerly Haun’s Mill Massacre). They do old-timey music but it’s more of a Southern Gothic-type thing, and their stage show includes weird and admittedly creepy projector movies. A lot of their lyrics deal with old dark times, like the Spanish Influenza epidemic or the Great Depression, etc.

I immediately replied that they sounded awesome—like someone had tapped into my id and found the music it secretly wanted. An hour and fifteen minutes later, he wrote back to say he might be able to get an album sent to me. It was too late because I had already bought it. My id would not be denied!

I knew this could go either way. It could be my fate to love this band because, really, how could I not like a gothfolkMormoncreepoöldtimey band? Or it could be that, with my expectations running so high, even the greatest gothfolkMormoncreepoöldtimey band ever to play Kolob could not live up to what I envisioned.

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Haun’s Mill: The handsewn CD

Interview – Haun’s Mill

Haun’s Mill is certainly a unique addition to Linescratchers. Part husband-and-wife acoustic folk duo, part performance artists, part historians, part film-makers, Eliza Wren and Nord Anderson take listeners back to darker, but not different, times in our country’s history. From the Spanish Flu outbreak, to quiet, intimacy in poverty, to the Great Depression, these stories and themes find a new, added relevance in our society today. Highly recommended.

So for the record, you two are husband and wife?
N&E: Yes.

Our other favorite husband-and-wife duo, and the inspiration for Linescratchers, is Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of Low. Are you familiar with Low?
E: Funny, we just recently discovered them – I’d heard of them a bit before but didn’t know so much about them – nice stuff!

Is playing in a band your full time job then, or do you have day jobs?
N: Ha! That’s the goal, to not have day jobs. I quit the job I had for 8 yrs. so we could move to Austin & do more music. Here in Austin I got another day job – but yes, full-time music is the goal. Continue reading “Interview – Haun’s Mill”

Interview – Haun’s Mill

Jeff Zentner

Jeff ZentnerRight next to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, the music of Jeff Zentner is a visceral reminder of the spiritual roots of the South. Jeff is a soulful, bluesy Southern Gothic musician and member of Alt-Country band Creech Holler, and is, incidentally, related to successful LDS artist Michael R. Hicks. After a time playing in Nashville, Tennessee (where many a musical dream is born and dies), he has since moved to Asheville, but continues to create and record solo music. Earlier this year he released a solo album, The Dying Days of Summer. His music is a testament to the music that echoed in the deepest, darkest hollers of Appalachia in the early 1900s.

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Jeff Zentner