Definit and Young Sim – My Life Review

Definit and Young Sim – My Life

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When I was 13, my best friend Travis and I stumbled onto an Isaac Hayes record, which set us on a path of searching out funk, soul and R&B artists of the ’70s. Needless to say, when Dr. Dre began sampling George Clinton songs in the early ’90s, we quickly became big fans. With that disclaimer of my biased love of ’70s funk, soul and R&B of the ’70s, it is no surprise that I knew I would enjoy the album My Life by Young Sim and Definit, the opening song sampled “Ain’t Nothing But The Real Thing” by Marvin Gaye; but when I heard the soul classic “Give Me Your Love” by Vermettya Royster, sampled, I knew these guys loved the same hip hop roots as I, and that I was going to REALLY love this album.As I listened to the whole album (3 times in a row) there were certainly songs I liked more than others, but no songs that I found myself wanting to skip. They are all good, for different reasons. Not all the songs sample ’70s funk and soul, but the album, as a whole, has an upbeat, positive vibe, reminiscent of the party rap of the early ’90s (think Coolio at his best) mixed with a modern lyrical styling that kept me happily listening though the album.

I highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys rap and hip hop, or anyone who likes good party music. Between the rich textured layers of ’70s soul, strings and horns on one track, the upbeat party influenced hip hop on the next track, and the laid back, head bobbing mood of the song “Over Ya Baby”, this album has something for everyone. They even sampled the rock classic “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac… and they did it so flawlessly, it left me asking the question, “Why had nobody thought of that before?”

I give this album a solid A- (92/100).

Definit and Young Sim – My Life Review

3 thoughts on “Definit and Young Sim – My Life Review

  1. josh says:

    sim’s got a flow that can’t stop, won’t stop, do the robot! drop a beat for the guy any time anywhere and he’ll give you some raw material. stay strong sim house!


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