An Introduction: Poetic Function and Music


My name is Jake and this my first official post as a member of the Linescratchers team and I could not be more thrilled about it.  To start off I would like to pose a simple question: what is poetry? Is it flowery words?  Or fourteen lines about love with a specific rhyme scheme?  Maybe even deep thought smashed into a simple text?

Well, if you ask Roman Jakobson, a Russian linguist born in 1896, it is none of these.  Poetry, or the poetic function, is simply communicating in a form different then the standard norm or language.  For example, if we spoke in rhyme all the time then rhyming sentences would become the norm or standard.  Any deviation from this norm, or not rhyming, would be using the poetic function.  Poetry is noticed and memorable because it stands out among the background of everyday speaking.  I bring this up to point out that poetry is made simply by being different, pushing your way outside the box in order to be seen, and if applied to music, to be heard. Continue reading “An Introduction: Poetic Function and Music”

An Introduction: Poetic Function and Music

The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP, Everyone We Know Review

Linescratchers welcomes Jim, a new writer/reviewer from Kentucky.  Long-time Linescratchers fan, with experience as a radio host and pretentious new music reviewer, Jim brings a non-Mormon whistle-blower perspective to our elite circle. – Syphax

The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP and Everyone We Know album

Recommended if you like: great boy-girl harmonies, coffee shoppe acoustic guitar pop, sweaters, friends

Recommended Tracks: Dear Abbey EP: “Dear Abbey”, “Sinners in the Repentance Club”, Everyone We Know: “Filo Sophia”, “The Last Pirate Song”, “Breaking the Azeotrope”

Upon first listen, The Sweater Friends’ music sounds deceptively simple.  A boy and a girl, each equipped with an acoustic guitar, and nothing else.  However, underneath that plain appearance first impression are songs about the difficulties of love and life, featuring music with beautiful lyrics and gorgeous melodies and harmonies.

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The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP, Everyone We Know Review

The Sweater Friends


In the sometimes gloomy world of rock and roll it’s refreshing now and then to hear a band like The Sweater Friends. This isn’t your average happy folk-rock duo. Their songs are sweet, fun, and catchy. Jake and Allyson met as children in the same neighborhood, and their friendship grew long before their music did. Their lyrics are interesting and insightful, but are not bogged down musically like lots of insightful lyrics can be. They will be playing soon with Mindy Gledhill on April 24th at Kilby Court. More on that later.

To find The Sweater Friends at iTunes, click here.

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The Sweater Friends