LDS Musicians Facebook fan page

We at Linescratchers noticed that there isn’t an “LDS Musicians” Facebook fan page worth mentioning.  There IS an old “LDS Musicians” Facebook in the old group format but it’s about to get archived (and featured some questionable spam due to disuse), so we took the initiative to create one, just as Facebook is about to become obsolete… *cough*

If you are an LDS musician or would like to date an LDS musician, this is the perfect fan page for you.

I am open to the idea of inviting members of the Community of Christ and our other cousin-branches as well, for a bit of diversity.  Tell your friends.

LDS Musicians Facebook fan page

Interview – Theta Naught

In a previous post I mentioned stumbling across this intriguing ensemble based in Salt Lake City.  I don’t know what rock I was hiding under in 2002 – I was living in Salt Lake City and did pay some attention to the music scene.  Oh well.  Their website has a lot of information about them as well as links to hear, see and buy some of their recordings.  So far their career has seen great fluctuations in personnel as well as collaboration with the likes of poet/sonosopher Alex Caldiero (I just saw one of his poems in an installation at USU) and My Education.  Ryan Stanfield was gracious enough to answer some questions and give an introductory physics lesson.

The following interview questions have been answered by Ryan Stanfield of Theta Naught.  The answers and opinions expressed are his alone, but are probably shared by most, if not all, of the other members of Theta Naught. Continue reading “Interview – Theta Naught”

Interview – Theta Naught

Interview – Da Korum

Rap duo Da Korum are a paradox to most listeners. Since they began recording music together, people wondered how two white Latter-day Saints from Knoxville, Tennessee with very different perspectives in life could succeed in hip hop. However, they have both beat the odds in very interesting ways with creative local shows and an unashamed, honest attitude towards their religious beliefs and upbringing. MC Hot Drankz and Valiant B accepted an Internet chat interview (and allowed us to correct their spelling and grammar) to hopefully resolve some of the questions we had for the group, and have even allowed us an exclusive peek into one of their upcoming singles. A Linescratchers exclusive.

Da Korum has made their latest single, “Back (4 Tha First Time)” available to Linescratchers listeners at the end of this interview!

So just for the record, both of you are Mormons, right?
VB: Yeah we both Mormons.
HD: I am for the most part. LOL

How did you guys meet each other and decide to work together?
VB: Actually we both worked at Target when we were 19. Drankz used to bring a CD player to work when he was stocking shelves and it was always music I dug so finally I asked him if he raps.
HD: It was foreordained. It was only a matter of time before we were playing shows.
VB: Yeah, we just got together and would freestyle to each other while we were working, and we discovered that our thinking is like on the same wavelength sometimes. Continue reading “Interview – Da Korum”

Interview – Da Korum

Interview – Andy Allen

A singer-songwriter from Utah, Andy Allen was first introduced to Linescratchers through Young Sim. He has agreed to an interview regarding his songwriting, his inspirations, and his guitars.

First, tell us how you know our buddy Young Sim.

Young Sim is actually in my ward. He is my home teacher, and I am his home teacher. We did a collaboration at FHE of my song “The Friend That Saved My Life” and some of his rapping. Since then I have played at one of his FGM nights and he has become a good mentor and friend. Sim is an amazing person dripping with knowledge and talent.

In the acoustic videos on your website it sound like you have kind of a Damien Rice vibe. Who are your major musical influences?

I definitely like Damien Rice, although I wouldn’t consider him a huge influence. I would say Johny Cash, the Format, Brandon Flowers/Killers and Elton John are huge influences. I look up a lot to Michael Buble for his vocals. Continue reading “Interview – Andy Allen”

Interview – Andy Allen