Haun’s Mill: “Away”


Haun’s Mill’s new album came out on September 21. They sent me a copy for review more than two months before that. And I’ve been listening to it regularly in that time, but what with touring (theirs) and illness (mine) and losing things (universal), this darn interview has taken for bleeding ever to get into a final form. But we arrived! And it was worth it!

Because of my ongoing inability to embed videos on Linescratchers, the full version of this interview will appear only on A Motley Vision, but to whet your appetite, here is an excerpt:

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Haun’s Mill: “Away”

Haun’s Mill: The handsewn CD

When Syphax first emailed the Linescratchers’ author list about Haun’s Mill, I was instantly intrigued:

… an awesome group from Texas called Haun’s Mill (formerly Haun’s Mill Massacre). They do old-timey music but it’s more of a Southern Gothic-type thing, and their stage show includes weird and admittedly creepy projector movies. A lot of their lyrics deal with old dark times, like the Spanish Influenza epidemic or the Great Depression, etc.

I immediately replied that they sounded awesome—like someone had tapped into my id and found the music it secretly wanted. An hour and fifteen minutes later, he wrote back to say he might be able to get an album sent to me. It was too late because I had already bought it. My id would not be denied!

I knew this could go either way. It could be my fate to love this band because, really, how could I not like a gothfolkMormoncreepoöldtimey band? Or it could be that, with my expectations running so high, even the greatest gothfolkMormoncreepoöldtimey band ever to play Kolob could not live up to what I envisioned.

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Haun’s Mill: The handsewn CD

Steve Brown


Steve Brown tries to make things not sound horrible. He certainly knows his way around a bass, and has had quite a career playing with several bands including Pinchpoint, Chigger, and The Arrogants. He currently owns and operates a small recording studio while playing bass for The Northern Labour Party. They have a sound that is familiar yet foreign, and have an EP coming out very soon. Steve has several things to say about touring, kids, and the great monetary rewards of being a recording engineer (and he’s only been thrown out of ONE band for being Mormon).

To find The Northern Labour Party on iTunes, click here.

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Steve Brown