The Steelwells nominated for three OC Music Awards

The Steelwells have been nominated for three 2010 OC Music Awards (awards for artists living in Orange Country, California). They have been nominated for:

Best New Artist
Best Indie
Best Song for “El Capitan”

The winners will be announced on March 6th, 2010.

The Steelwells nominated for three OC Music Awards

Citizen Fate – Cranked to Overkill Review

Linescratchers welcomes Gregg Hale, a new writer/reviewer from Salt Lake City. Gregg is a producer, engineer, songwriter, guitarist of Our Dark Horse and Last Response, and former guitarist of the band Spiritualized. He owns Handsome Rob Records and Lincoln Street Sound Studio in Salt Lake. – Syphax

Citizen Fate – Cranked To Overkill

Recommended if you like: depends on the song, but the album gave me thoughts of LA Guns and Oasis, with hints of Ocean Colour Scene, The Jam, and The Kinks.

The first two members of Citizen Fate that I met were lead guitar player Greg Fetzer and Drummer Johnathan Nay. After talking to them for a few minutes, I met bass player Mike Sharp. I could tell they were probably around 18 or 19, and it soon came to light that they were all in the same ward, and were getting ready to go on missions. The trio were soon joined by two other gentlemen who turned out to be Young Mens leaders in their ward. I thought it was nice that they had that type of support from their church leaders… I was only half right.

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Citizen Fate – Cranked to Overkill Review

The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP, Everyone We Know Review

Linescratchers welcomes Jim, a new writer/reviewer from Kentucky.  Long-time Linescratchers fan, with experience as a radio host and pretentious new music reviewer, Jim brings a non-Mormon whistle-blower perspective to our elite circle. – Syphax

The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP and Everyone We Know album

Recommended if you like: great boy-girl harmonies, coffee shoppe acoustic guitar pop, sweaters, friends

Recommended Tracks: Dear Abbey EP: “Dear Abbey”, “Sinners in the Repentance Club”, Everyone We Know: “Filo Sophia”, “The Last Pirate Song”, “Breaking the Azeotrope”

Upon first listen, The Sweater Friends’ music sounds deceptively simple.  A boy and a girl, each equipped with an acoustic guitar, and nothing else.  However, underneath that plain appearance first impression are songs about the difficulties of love and life, featuring music with beautiful lyrics and gorgeous melodies and harmonies.

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The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP, Everyone We Know Review

Kirby Heyborne

It’s hard to believe that someone as laid-back and cheerful as Kirby Heyborne could incite any sort of controversy whatsoever, but being an LDS celebrity comes with a price.  Many know Kirby as an actor, from LDS-themed films such as The R.M., Sons of Provo, and The Singles Ward, but he’s also a heartfelt, passionate, and sincere musician.  Kirby’s acoustic-based folk is touchingly simple, yet texturally complex, and the strength of his lyrics are in their honesty.  In this interview, Kirby talks about the pressures of being a celebrity and the motivation necessary to succeed in music.
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Kirby Heyborne