David Archuleta releases third album

Archuleta fans can rejoice yet again. David Archuleta released his third album, entitled The Other Side of Down, on October 5th. Reviews so far have generally been positive. The album is available on iTunes HERE.

I’m completely willing to accept reviews of the album to be published here on Linescratchers.  If you enjoy the album, send me a review at linescratchers@gmail.com .  Enjoy.

David Archuleta releases third album

2 thoughts on “David Archuleta releases third album

  1. gemzone says:

    Arthur have you listened to it yet? I will send you a copy if you need one. I still have the info of where I sent Davids book to you. Do you want me to send you one?


  2. Well, I don’t have a copy of the album, but I probably wouldn’t be doing the review (I’m applying to grad school right now so my whole focus is on that). I would pass it along to my staff though and somebody would probably review it.

    Or YOU could write a review? I’d be happy to publish a guest interview from you.


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