The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP, Everyone We Know Review

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The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP and Everyone We Know album

Recommended if you like: great boy-girl harmonies, coffee shoppe acoustic guitar pop, sweaters, friends

Recommended Tracks: Dear Abbey EP: “Dear Abbey”, “Sinners in the Repentance Club”, Everyone We Know: “Filo Sophia”, “The Last Pirate Song”, “Breaking the Azeotrope”

Upon first listen, The Sweater Friends’ music sounds deceptively simple.  A boy and a girl, each equipped with an acoustic guitar, and nothing else.  However, underneath that plain appearance first impression are songs about the difficulties of love and life, featuring music with beautiful lyrics and gorgeous melodies and harmonies.

From start to finish Dear Abbey EP, The Sweater Friend’s new release, is a perfect example of what The Sweater Friends do best.  The SF songs have an emotional nuance that is difficult to find in music today.  It’s easy to write a song only about the highs or lows of love, and it’s difficult to write a beautiful song about the realistic, bittersweet moments of life, but that’s what the SF have done five times on Dear Abbey EP.   The songs aren’t happy, but they’re not necessarily sad either.  More than anything, they’re hopeful.  They write about love and life with the realistic vision of a person who has been through a few battles and emerged as a stronger person (albeit with a few scars).  Musically, the songs have the same nuance of the lyrics, based around the delicate harmonies of the two band members, Allyson Bracken and Jake Workman.

In Everyone We Know, The Sweater Friend’s first full length album, there are songs similar to those in Dear Abbey EP, but there is more diversity of tone and subject.  There are songs full of teen angst, protest songs (“Us and Them”), angry break-up songs (“Hey Anna..”).  The album has a loose, live, and fun feel to it; imagine walking into your favorite coffee shoppe on a cold night and discovering the most wonderful boy-girl acoustic pop band.

NOTE: Until February 14th, you (yes, you!) can download either Sweater Friends recording for whatever price you want (even free!).  Go to for more details about The Sweater Friends name your own price sale!

Everyone We Know: B (83/100)

Dear Abbey EP: B+ (88/100)

The Sweater Friends – Dear Abbey EP, Everyone We Know Review

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