Cove Reber now producing at his studio

I just got an email from an official rep of Cove Reber about his new studio:

Cove is looking for bands to produce. His philosophy is to aid other artists in getting their music out there. he feels as if his experience in the major label music scene left a bad taste in his mouth, and wants to help others experience a more favorable reaction, by helping them create the vision they have for their record.

If you want to get some info about Cove Reber producing your record, you can contact The Spot Music, at 877-496-5169. You’ll be directed to the booking manager, who will answer any questions you have, and handle all the details. You’re also welcome to email The Spot Music @ : However we would prefer you call, and inquire.

Thank You

The Spot Music

This is a great opportunity for all of us, because Cove Reber, who has seen a lot of the ups and downs of the music industry, is willing to extend a helping hand to musicians who want to work with him at his studio. If you’re interested, call the number and find out if it’s right for you.

Cove Reber now producing at his studio