Fictionist and the Rolling Stone Experience

Editor’s note:  to vote for Fictionist in the contest, please click HERE!

As you may have recently heard or witnessed, Fictionist has reached the Elite Eight of a contest that will put an unsigned band on the cover of Rolling Stone for the first time in the iconic rock magazine’s history. Whether they move on to the next round will be determined by you, the music listener.

As part of their efforts to garner more votes, Fictionist has launched their own contest, which allows voters to win prizes including  autographed memorabilia, CDs, and a trip to Bonaroo Music Festival. Additionally, they have been playing shows and telling fans to get out and vote. We were able to catch up with the guys after a recent show in Provo and ask them about their experience thus far. What follows is an account of Aaron’s door-knocking, Robbie’s hair care tips, and Brandon’s foray into the legal field. Continue reading “Fictionist and the Rolling Stone Experience”

Fictionist and the Rolling Stone Experience

Fictionist Signs

First of all, we hope everyone’s enjoying General Conference weekend.  Glad you could fit in a little Linescratchers time between sessions.

In addition to creating sheer volume of votes to place Fictionist in the Rolling Stone Cover, one of the goals of the contest is to come up with the most creative ways of getting the word out.  To that end, and in honor of General Conference this weekend, we put our thinking caps on to come up with some signs that enterprising Fictionist Fans could display this weekend while marching  down South Temple.

Longtime readers will note that we here at Linescratchers love David Archuleta, and still can’t believe he lost to David Cook.

Obey the sign. Vote for Fictionist at

Fictionist Signs

Please help Linescratchers AND Fictionist!

Here’s your chance to help Linescratchers and one of our featured artists, Fictionist.

Fictionist has advanced in the Rolling Stone cover contest, and they’re having their own contest to help get them votes.  The winner of the Fictionist contest (the person or people who generate the most votes) will win $1000 and two tickets to Bonnaroo.  Linescratchers has asked the boys’ permission and is allowed to enter.

What can Linescratchers do with the winnings?  We could possibly…

  • Help pay for the web hosting for our site
  • Put on an awesome concert
  • Have a sweet awards ceremony with awards for the 2011 Linescratchers Awards
  • Something else
  • And we could still do something with the tickets, we’re open to ideas from you guys

That’s why we’re asking YOU to help Linescratchers generate votes, and those votes will help one of our very own featured artists get on the cover of Rolling Stone AND play at Bonnaroo. This is a win-win-win situation.

So, if you want to help us out by voting CLICK HERE and follow the instructions!

And if you want to help us out even more, copy and paste the following link on your Facebook, Twitter, or in an email to your friends:

Please help Linescratchers AND Fictionist!