ANNOUNCING Linescratchers: the Online Magazine, Fundraising Campaign, and Compilation Album

Dear fans, musicians, and readers,

We have until October 30th to win your support!

Linescratchers has been around for over three years now. We’ve existed in pretty much the same form since we began: a little blog.  As much as I loved putting distance between us and the “LDS musician” industry and sending out “Are you Mormon?” emails to semi-known celebrities, I soon realized that I couldn’t do it alone.  I recruited a group of bloggers from all over the country who are committed to finding and promoting LDS musicians everywhere.  We’ve slowly grown into the biggest website of its kind.  Where else can you find Alan Sparhawk talking about the “fluke” of making money with musicIan Fowles talking about punk rock, The Aquabats!, and theologyKirby Heyborne talking about being an actor, songwriter, and the woes of being a “celebrity” in the Mormon churchYoung Sim on his family’s escape from Liberia and so much more?  Linescratchers features the largest network of LDS musicians in the world, and we now celebrate the best of LDS musicians in our Annual Linescratchers Awards, the only award of its kind.

Our loyal fans and readers, you have provided the greatest input, comments, suggestions, and general motivation we could ever ask for.  Many of you read regularly, comment, and listen to the podcast. Because of that, we want to grow, improve, and continue providing the content you deserve.  After a solid run in the group blog format, working out the kinks in our system, we are ready to take this to the next level. And this is where you come in.

Blogs are great for what they are, but we want Linescratchers to be much more.  Great blog posts get buried soon after they’re published.  Our design doesn’t lend itself to compelling pictures or a polished format.  Furthermore, our contributors are a core team of volunteers.  Life happens, and creating solid and consistent material can be tough.

Therefore, we’ve decided to expand Linescratchers into an online magazine.  

“What’s the difference?” you might ask.  Well, the new Linescratchers will have:

  1. A professional site redesign.
  2. A quarterly, downloadable PDF/mobile edition featuring the best articles and interviews of each quarter, so you will be able to access Linescratchers on your mobile device and e-readers.
  3. More LDS art-related categories, such as film and theater.  While music will always be our primary focus, an online magazine format will allow us to venture out into other categories that you might also be interested in.
  4. A network of advertisers and other professional relationships.  While ads normally suck the cool out of good websites, we will feature neat and relevant partners like venues where our artists perform, studios, music shops, LDS-related sites, and labels.  Above all, this will allow us to provide you, the readers, with…
  5. Higher-quality content.  We aim to produce even better content than we ever have before.  We will be able to do this by giving our contributing staff and editors compensation for their work, so they can make more time for it.

For this to work, we need your help.  I am happy to officially announce a month-long RocketHub campaign to fund our website overhaul!  Funds raised throughout the month of October will go to graphic design and other costs associated with running a slicker, higher-traffic site for the next year while we wait for advertising to kick in.

You might ask, like Peter of old, “Behold, we will donate and follow you (on Facebook and Twitter); what shall we have therefore?” The answer: our Linescratchers Featured Artists are behind us 100%.  We are offering a special bonus compilation album featuring tracks from some of our best LDS Featured Artists to everyone who donates more than $20 to Linescratchers!  This compilation will include songs personally donated to us from:

Kirby Heyborne
Young Sim
The Barefoot Movement
Roxy Rawson
Idiot Glee
Colby Miller
Kristen Lawrence
Good Morning Passenger
Rumbo Rumba

This compilation is not for sale. It will only be available for those who donate more than $20 in our RocketHub campaign.  Anyone who donates at least $10 will receive a special mention in our first quarterly magazine.  For our high-roller fans, donations of $50 or more will receive the compilation album and Linescratchers merchandise.  All reward levels are available on our RocketHub site.

Thank you to everyone for participating in all our struggles and joys over the last three years.  We hope to be around for a long time, and we want you there with us!  So what are you waiting for?


ANNOUNCING Linescratchers: the Online Magazine, Fundraising Campaign, and Compilation Album