Interview – Andy Allen

A singer-songwriter from Utah, Andy Allen was first introduced to Linescratchers through Young Sim. He has agreed to an interview regarding his songwriting, his inspirations, and his guitars.

First, tell us how you know our buddy Young Sim.

Young Sim is actually in my ward. He is my home teacher, and I am his home teacher. We did a collaboration at FHE of my song “The Friend That Saved My Life” and some of his rapping. Since then I have played at one of his FGM nights and he has become a good mentor and friend. Sim is an amazing person dripping with knowledge and talent.

In the acoustic videos on your website it sound like you have kind of a Damien Rice vibe. Who are your major musical influences?

I definitely like Damien Rice, although I wouldn’t consider him a huge influence. I would say Johny Cash, the Format, Brandon Flowers/Killers and Elton John are huge influences. I look up a lot to Michael Buble for his vocals. Continue reading “Interview – Andy Allen”

Interview – Andy Allen