LDS Musicians Facebook fan page

We at Linescratchers noticed that there isn’t an “LDS Musicians” Facebook fan page worth mentioning.  There IS an old “LDS Musicians” Facebook in the old group format but it’s about to get archived (and featured some questionable spam due to disuse), so we took the initiative to create one, just as Facebook is about to become obsolete… *cough*

If you are an LDS musician or would like to date an LDS musician, this is the perfect fan page for you.

I am open to the idea of inviting members of the Community of Christ and our other cousin-branches as well, for a bit of diversity.  Tell your friends.

LDS Musicians Facebook fan page

Seeking applications for blogs, writers, or musicians!

We have a couple items of blog business to share with all of you.

1) Are you a…

…featured Linescratchers artist?
…LDS musician/writer/blogger with your own music blog?

We are currently working on a secret Summer project and we are seeking out all our friends and fellow musicians out there who have your own music blogs, publications, or organizations. If you don’t have one, and you’d like one, start one! If you need help, contact us and we’ll help you set it up!

Email me at and let us know if you have a blog that you update regularly. Please let us know what kind of blog it is: a discussion blog with cool questions, dialog, stories, or discussions, OR a blog containing news about your band (or any combination of the above).

2) Are you interested in interviewing cool musicians, reviewing free music, raising interesting questions, or otherwise working with us at Linescratchers (for FREE)? We are always seeking out bloggers, writers, and web administrators to help out! Send a message to to find out how you can help.

3) Are you an LDS musician who doesn’t write LDS music, who has never been featured on Linescratchers? If so, please send a link to your music, a bio, a couple mp3s, or just an email to and we will let you know if you’re what Linescratchers is looking for.

Thanks everyone, and keep rocking!

Seeking applications for blogs, writers, or musicians!


Today I got an email from Davey Morrison (yes – the Davey Morrison) about a new Kickstarter page for his new short film WWJD based on a play of the same name. I have written a song for this film, and Ian Fowles will be playing on it, so it’s doubly worth supporting! Here’s Davey’s message:

Hi, friends!

I wanted to let you know (if you didn’t already) about the feature film I’m directing this summer. It’s called WWJD–it’s based on a play by Anna Lewis, which I helped produce earlier this year at New Play Project. The story follows four college students over 24 hours when Jesus shows up at their apartment and does the dishes. It’s a wonderful script–a warm, thoughtful, funny, and moving examination of the question, “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?” (If you’re interested in reading the script, it’s available for free online here.) Audiences loved the play, and we’ve been working over the past nine months adapting the script and putting together an amazing crew so we can turn it into a film.

We’ll be shooting WWJD on a very limited budget, but we still need to raise quite a bit of money. Tonight we’re launching a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. We’ve set a goal to raise $5,000 in 60 days–if we make the goal, we get to keep the money, but if we don’t, none of our donors are charged for their pledge, and we get nothing. We also have rewards for donations at every level–including finished copies of the film. The Kickstarter page provides more information about the project:

We’re incredibly grateful for whatever support you’re able to give (even a dollar or two makes a difference!), and please help us by spreading the word and sharing the Kickstarter link through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

Thank you so much!

Much Love,


Fictionist and the Rolling Stone Experience

Editor’s note:  to vote for Fictionist in the contest, please click HERE!

As you may have recently heard or witnessed, Fictionist has reached the Elite Eight of a contest that will put an unsigned band on the cover of Rolling Stone for the first time in the iconic rock magazine’s history. Whether they move on to the next round will be determined by you, the music listener.

As part of their efforts to garner more votes, Fictionist has launched their own contest, which allows voters to win prizes including  autographed memorabilia, CDs, and a trip to Bonaroo Music Festival. Additionally, they have been playing shows and telling fans to get out and vote. We were able to catch up with the guys after a recent show in Provo and ask them about their experience thus far. What follows is an account of Aaron’s door-knocking, Robbie’s hair care tips, and Brandon’s foray into the legal field. Continue reading “Fictionist and the Rolling Stone Experience”

Fictionist and the Rolling Stone Experience

Cove Reber now producing at his studio

I just got an email from an official rep of Cove Reber about his new studio:

Cove is looking for bands to produce. His philosophy is to aid other artists in getting their music out there. he feels as if his experience in the major label music scene left a bad taste in his mouth, and wants to help others experience a more favorable reaction, by helping them create the vision they have for their record.

If you want to get some info about Cove Reber producing your record, you can contact The Spot Music, at 877-496-5169. You’ll be directed to the booking manager, who will answer any questions you have, and handle all the details. You’re also welcome to email The Spot Music @ : However we would prefer you call, and inquire.

Thank You

The Spot Music

This is a great opportunity for all of us, because Cove Reber, who has seen a lot of the ups and downs of the music industry, is willing to extend a helping hand to musicians who want to work with him at his studio. If you’re interested, call the number and find out if it’s right for you.

Cove Reber now producing at his studio

Fictionist Signs

First of all, we hope everyone’s enjoying General Conference weekend.  Glad you could fit in a little Linescratchers time between sessions.

In addition to creating sheer volume of votes to place Fictionist in the Rolling Stone Cover, one of the goals of the contest is to come up with the most creative ways of getting the word out.  To that end, and in honor of General Conference this weekend, we put our thinking caps on to come up with some signs that enterprising Fictionist Fans could display this weekend while marching  down South Temple.

Longtime readers will note that we here at Linescratchers love David Archuleta, and still can’t believe he lost to David Cook.

Obey the sign. Vote for Fictionist at

Fictionist Signs