Haun’s Mill: “Away”


Haun’s Mill’s new album came out on September 21. They sent me a copy for review more than two months before that. And I’ve been listening to it regularly in that time, but what with touring (theirs) and illness (mine) and losing things (universal), this darn interview has taken for bleeding ever to get into a final form. But we arrived! And it was worth it!

Because of my ongoing inability to embed videos on Linescratchers, the full version of this interview will appear only on A Motley Vision, but to whet your appetite, here is an excerpt:

Theric: Your new album, Away, comes out September 21st. I’ve been listening for about a month now to the early copy you sent me, and I’m very fond of it. I want to start by asking, though, how were your goals for Away different from your goals for your first album?

Nord: Our overarching goal has been the same, namely to make a great album. Some variables changed with this one because we’re in a new environment with new band members, different studio, and we spent more time refining the songs before the recording process. “Away” keeps the direction and attitude of our debut album while hopefully improving on the song quality and performance.

Eliza: I feel ‘Away’ tells more of a collective story – rather than the first album which is more of a collection of songs. As with the first record Nord writes the songs he sings & I write the songs I sing – but with this album we seemed to be in sync with each other more in our storytelling perhaps because most of these songs were written in Austin just after relocating here. 

Theric: This leads to a few questions I was intending to ask, so let me just combine them and get them all out now—they’re all related anyway. I’ve had a hard time piecing together the chronology of Haun’s Mill’s history. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it goes like this: You have separate bands. You get married. You start Haun’s Mill Massacre. You change the name to Haun’s Mill. You record an album. You move from Utah to Austin. You add band members. You record “Away.” How close am I? And how much has the order of events affected your sound slash manner of working together?

Nord: .The chronology is right on. Moving to Austin was a spark for my creativity and songwriting. Unfamiliar and novel experiences (i.e. working with new band members, living in a different state, eating amazing barbeque) can really act as a creative lubricant. In terms of working together, we collaborate more now as compared to the first album when she wrote her songs and I wrote mine in a sort of isolation. I think there is a level of. . . . . [read the rest]
Haun’s Mill: “Away”

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