NEW RELEASE – Jeff Zentner’s A Season Lost

Album artwork by Matt Page

Linescratchers artist Jeff Zentner has released a new album entitled A Season Lost on his Bandcamp page.  From his Official Facebook Page:

My friends, it is my great pleasure to announce the release of my new album, A Season Lost, on July 24, 2012. I could not be more proud of this album. It features performances from my friends Elin Palmer, Rykarda Parasol, Arborea, Matt Bauer, Sumie Nagano, Hannah Fury, and Josie Little.

I will be getting back with you soon on pre-order details, details about physical copies, etc. But for the moment, allow me to make a small entreaty for you to purchase this album, which will cost $8 for the digital version.

Every penny that went into the making of this album came from my own pocket. Aside from the prodigious musical and artistic talents of my friends, I had no help in making it. Music is not my primary source of income. I work very hard during the day so that when I come home, to steal a few moments for making music, I am able to fund these albums, and I am at the whim of no record label or person. To say the least, sales of this album will not be funding a swimming pool in my backyard.

I don’t need to sell millions or even thousands of copies to achieve my sole financial goal for this album, which is to simply not lose hundreds of dollars. But I do need to sell hundreds, which means that if you are reading this, I need your help.

I know that times are difficult, and money is tight. But imagine the sort of fleeting pleasures you’ll spend $8 on. A salad at a modest restaurant. A movie ticket. A couple of drinks with friends. Coffee and a pastry. Parking for the day in a big city. A couple of gallons of gas. I hope that if you invest your hard-earned money in this album, it will provide you with a more lasting pleasure and satisfaction than any of those things. I hope it’s one of the best $8 you’ve ever spent. I’ve worked very hard to make it so.

And now, please enjoy your first complete listen of A Season Lost.

NEW RELEASE – Jeff Zentner’s A Season Lost

One thought on “NEW RELEASE – Jeff Zentner’s A Season Lost

  1. The album Paper Nickels consists of a 144-page, full-colour, hard-cover book accompanied by two discs. 20 songs, all recorded live in the same Main Hall of The Tranzac where the releases are taking place. I promise you that this album will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen put out in CD format.


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