Calling all LDS musicians, singers, and bands – you are needed! Would you like to have one of your songs featured as a bonus track on an album that is expected to have significant sales?

I am producing an album project right now of pop/rock music that is targeted towards Christian teens, and LDS Young Women in particular. The album is in the pre-production stages currently, but recording in earnest is expected to begin early next month, with a single out in April and the full album out in May. The general theme of the album is to promote the values taught within the Young Women Program, but in a non-preachy, upbeat way.

We also would like to use this album project to help aid listeners in the discovery of new, exciting, and positive music – YOUR music! That’s right, we aren’t looking for slow, stuffy, or stereotypical “Sunday only” music, we are looking for strong songs that are fun, engaging, fresh sounding, and positive. They don’t need to have a Christian or LDS specific message, they simply need to avoid the pitfalls of worldly music and leave the listener engaged, inspired, or entertained with a positive, LDS youth friendly message.

I need your help. We have 3 to 4 slots available, and the planned album release will be here before you know it. If YOU or someone you know might be interested, please see the following link to see the general album concept, and also get full details on the inclusion of other artists.

This album is being written and produced with the assistance of LDS youth, and will feature vocal performances by LDS youth. The message will connect, and the music will be happening. We expect good distribution of the album as the word gets out and really feel this is an EXCELLENT opportunity for a new or lesser-known LDS artist to get some great exposure.

Click HERE for more information.

Please check it out and direct any questions to me through the kickstarter site or through my contact information on this page.

Thanks, and we look forward to helping promote your music as part of this project!


Matt is a music producer, engineer, and writer.  This album project will feature not only his work but the work of some youth, including his 2 daughters.


4 thoughts on “OPPORTUNITY ALERT: LDS Singers/Bands Needed

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Sherry! The window of opportunity to get involved with the album is certainly shrinking quickly, but there is still time.

    you can contact me directly at Matt at driftwoodtidemusic dot com just take out the spaces and subsitute the proper symbols of course. (just did it that way so that web crawlers can’t lift my address and put me on every mailing list known to man..)


  2. Sherry says:

    I apologize Matt….I didn’t get back here soon enough I’m sure. I had too many events come up. Let me know if I can help with any future projects…: )


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