Linescratchers Fundraiser a Success!

…okay, not an unqualified success, I’ll admit.  The fundraiser was a success in sort of the same way that Abinadi was a success.

We didn’t reach our fundraising goal, which means that unfortunately, we won’t be able to expand Linescratchers quite the way we were hoping we would, meaning we won’t have the quarterly PDF edition just yet, nor will we have any custom graphic design.  However, we still made enough to pay for a new pretty theme, and we’ll try to keep up the awesome content.  Your donations have also paid for quite a bit of our web hosting fees for a while, so that was a success too.  We’re also about to kick into gear our plans for the 2nd annual Linescratchers Awards (2011), given to the best LDS artists and bands of the year!  Stay tuned for that, news, interviews, and more from Linescratchers!

Linescratchers Fundraiser a Success!

One thought on “Linescratchers Fundraiser a Success!

  1. Hey, I just found out about the fundraiser, but the site won’t let me contribute–I guess because the deadline has come and gone. I’d still like to donate, though. Please email me and let me know how to do so.


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