Compilation Sale

Hi folks.  We have one week left on our fundraiser, and we are currently only a fraction of our total goal.  But that’s okay.  Even if we only raise $400, we can still redesign the site with a new and better design (we just can’t do some of the more extensive stuff we had planned).  So, in order to help us reach our minimum goal, I’ve decided to have a sale.  From now on, ANYONE who donates anything will receive a copy of the Linescratchers Compilation Album, regardless of the amount (this will apply retroactively to anyone who donated less than $20 earlier in the month).

Yeah, you heard me – you’ll receive our special first Linescratchers Compilation Album, featuring 12 awesome artists including Kirby Heyborne, Rumbo Rumba, Young Sim, Idiot Glee, and more, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU DONATE.  But you still have to donate something.  Please CLICK HERE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

For more information on the album itself, click HERE.

Compilation Sale

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