Interview – Will Hatton and The Mix-Tape Invasion Radio Show

A few weeks ago I was contacted by my good buddy and first cousin, Will Hatton, about a radio show he got at K-UTE at the University of Utah.  That in itself is very cool, but what’s even cooler? Will told me that he was going to have a Linescratchers Segment.  In that segment, he’d be featuring Linescratchers artists. Because radio and podcast copyright laws are different, Will would be able to feature lots of artists that I can’t on the Linescratchers Podcast. Linescratchers will finally find itself on the radio, where good music deserves to be played.

Will has agreed to answer some questions about his new radio show, The Mix-Tape Invasion, including information about where interested listeners can tune in!  Highly recommended from Linescratchers.

How long have you been doing this radio show, and where do you do it?

So I’ve been doing the show for 4 weeks now. My fiance is the station manager for K-UTE radio here at the University of Utah and before we started dating she invited me to go on her show. She told me I could pick the songs and be on the radio with her. I was super excited. After the show I was sold, I wanted my own show, so I pestered her for almost two months to get my own show. Now I host The Mix-Tape Invasion on Mondays from 3-5pm MST on K-UTE radio.


What first gave you the idea to do a Linescratchers Segment on your show?

Well my cousin Arthur a while back had promoted Linescratchers on facebook. I didn’t take a whole lot of interest in the group at the time, but thought it was cool what he was doing. I thought it was a great idea to have a collective of mutually minded LDS musicians who don’t want to be defined as EFY music.

So when I started to plan out my show and how I wanted it to be, I thought it would be cool to have a segment where I could promote my cousin’s group and play awesome music at the same time. It just seemed like the right thing to do.


What Linescratchers have you featured so far?

So on my first show I didn’t feature any Linescratchers songs. I was mostly trying to get set up and get comfortable with this new endeavor. After the first week, I got ahold of Arthur and said I still wanted to do the Linescratchers segment. He got me hooked up with the group and website, and I basically pick musicians and bands at random and listened to their music. That’s pretty much how I pick them. I’ll find songs that I like and debut them.

During the first segment I played songs by Arhythmatik, Idiot Glee, and Calm Paradox. This week I’ll be playing songs by Roxy Rawson, Good Morning Passenger, and The Steelwell.


How have your show and the Linescratchers Segment been received? Have you heard from any of the musicians?

So far the show seems pretty young and still in crawl mode. There are a handful of students that listen at random around campus, but I haven’t heard much from the students here. I know a few family members and friends listen, and I get positive feedback from them.

As far as feedback and influence from the artists themselves, I haven’t heard much back from them. I’d love to get some feedback though. I like the idea of promoting good music. I think if I was in a band and I knew my song was going out over the radio, I’d be pretty stoked. Feel free to send your thoughts and opinions guys, I’m mostly doing the segment for you guys.


Do you think people will “get” what you’re trying to do? Do you think there’s a market for Linescratchers in Utah?

I think as the show rolls on, it will definitely be received well. As far as there being a market for Linescratchers in Utah, I definitely think there is. I’ve lived in Salt Lake City now for about 5 months and come to find a great diversity of people in the Salt Lake Area. Music is a thriving thing here. You see it at the shows around town and you see it around campus. People here love good music. I feel like the Linescratchers have good music to be heard, and Salt Lake City will be eager to hear it.


I know you have listened to music for a long time. So besides Linescratchers artists, what musicians and bands do you like/feature?

I love a lot of different music and that is one thing my show features. I know it’s a little weird to have a show full of different genres, but in the end, I’m going to play what I like. I’m sure it would be better to have an “all punk” or “all classic rock” show, but I like to mix it up a bit.

As far as some general bands and musicians you’ll probably hear on a weekly show: CCR, Talking Heads, Blink-182, Wu-Tang Clan, Jurassic 5, Rancid, The Beetles, The Aquabats, Say Hi, Radiohead, Outkast, Ben Folds, The Decemberists, David Bowie, Beck, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, AC/DC, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah…just to name a few.


Where can people find out more about your show and/or listen?

Well there are a few ways to listen. You can go to and listen from our website. You can also go to and listen from their website. Just search for K-UTE in their search menu. I think the best way, or at least for people who have smart phones, is by downloading the TuneIn Radio app. It’s free and all you have to do is search for K-UTE. Soon I’ll be posting podcasts of the show on iTunes, so look for it there as well.

Interview – Will Hatton and The Mix-Tape Invasion Radio Show

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