Three brief reviews of three brief things.


The Backgrounds: This Town (EP)

The first couple songs are a nicely updated Gram Parsons sound (this is good). I’m not sure what else to say about them. They are good and I like them. I’ve listened to the EP a goodly number of times. I like the Gram Parsons thing they got going (it returns later in the EP). But not all the songs are Gram Parsons. Take “Sego Lily.” All of a sudden they turn on the fuzz and speed up the beat and I start to think that Gram and, hmm, Stephen Malkmus hooked up for a weekend and wrote a song. Then Malky left the hotel and wrote one of the most fun Gram Parsons songs ever, “Long Long Road.” (Get it free.)


Colby Miller: When I Should Be Sleeping (EP)

I burned this EP at the end of the copy of Brandon Flower’s solo album I made to stick in the car. Maybe not an obvious choice, but considering that Flamingo stayed on nearly constant rotation in the Thteedmobile for months, I got to know Sleeping quite well. But not well enough to describe it well. I would describe the first couple songs as a guy and his guitar (watch out for the f-bomb at the catchiest moment), but then the third is really just a guy and a guitar (sounds a lot like Jude and, um, somebody else) making the others clearly, hmm, fancier. It reminds me of something I listened to in the mid-90s, but I can’t find the reference my brain is desperately trying to make. “Go Away” is a bit like Belle and Sebastian in a vague, indirect way. And the final track I can explain best by invoking Shawn Mullins. But if I do, you’ll get the wrong idea. I find it frustrating that a set of six songs that are so easy to get attached to and so easy to enjoy are proving so hard for me to describe. I guess what I need is for you all to pick up a copy and tell me what you’re hearing. Maybe that will help. (Get it freeish.)


Brandon Flowers: Flamingo (bonus tracks)

As mentioned above, I liked this album a lot. Basically, I echo our review. The one thing I found odd about the song was that the penultimate song felt like an album closer, then there was this one more song that messed things up. So when I learned there were three bonus tracks I was a) pissed I hadn’t bought the extended version in the first place and b) excited to get the closure those tracks would bring. So I downloaded them from Amazon and . . . they don’t seem to have anything to do with the album at all. Not only do they not provide the closure I expected, they feel utterly random. Honestly, I’ve hardly managed to listen to them. I can see why they were left on the cutting room floor when Flamingo was put together.  They’re not awful songs, but given the quality of the album, they really don’t belong. (Not free. Unless you are a pirate.)

Three brief reviews of three brief things.

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