Grand Opening: The Linescratchers Network!

Hi everyone!  So a few weeks ago I mentioned that we were working on a secret project at Linescratchers that would involve many blogs and bloggers all over the LDS music world.  Well, it’s time to announce our grand opening of The Linescratchers Network! isn’t going away of course.  We still have plenty of cool interviews, featured artists, and music reviews right here at Linescratchers for you.  However, our fearless Web Administration Wizard, Tim, has put in countless hours of coding (not to mention lots of little picky suggestions from our Staff) to create an entirely new website.  It’s a way of connecting LDS musicians with their fans, and vice versa.

At The Linescratchers Network you’ll see an updating list of blog posts from all over, as well as Twitter and Facebook updates from our featured LDS artists.  You’ll also see an iTunes playlist on the right that will allow you to sample and purchase selected music from our featured artists.  You’ll notice a Featured Video that gets updated semi-regularly.  Lastly, you’ll see cool blog updates from venues (where Linescratchers play), our friends at some fellow Mormon arts blogs, and some other random links that we think you’ll find funny/cool/interesting.

So what are you waiting for? CHECK IT OUT! Make it your home page!  Come back every day to see what’s been updated!  Interact with cool musicians who blog!  Get introduced to new music written by Latter-day Saints!

A permanent link to the network will always be available here at  It’s the “Network” tab on the top of this page.  Last but not least, it’s still in the beta stage of development, so if you have any reasonable suggestions/comments/concerns, please email me at and we’ll see what we can do!

Grand Opening: The Linescratchers Network!

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