Clay Summers

Sometimes you go to a show and you can tell that the band playing is having a good time. Clay Summers goes beyond that. You can tell that he loves to be up on stage and he wants to play music for you.

Clay started playing the guitar when he was nine and played in many bands throughout his high school career.  It wasn’t until he left high school that he dedicated himself to his solo career.  Since then he has recorded a CD in Logan and has played in many venues in Utah and Rexburg.

Clay came to Rexburg, ID to play at Sammy’s with the band Double Or Nothing.  He preformed on stage solo except for a few songs with his friend from Double Or Nothing.  His acoustic music is very pop and very catchy, but like I said most of all – you can tell that he loves doing what he does.

After the show Clay sat down with us to play the song “Man In The Moon,” which he plans on recording this summer.



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Special Thanks to Sammy’s Cafe – Rexburg for letting us film Clay there.

Clay Summers

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