Musical Bucket List: Rapture edition

Dear Sinners,

Thanks to a calculated mathematician (or mathemagician, your choice), we have all been made aware… the Rapture is nigh.

We at Linescratchers pride ourselves on valuing music above most anything else in life. This being the case… and life as we know it about to end at 6:00 PM tonight, we thought we’d share some final thoughts with you about two items you may refer to as our “musical bucket list”.

Which concert would we wish to see (past, present, or fictional), and which album we feel it imperative that we listen to one last time before we meet our fiery grave.

Please read our list and then append yours as a comment! It’s been a pleasure knowing you all and at about 6:00 PM tonight… it may be in your best interest to wear a helmet if you’re still indoors.

Arthur Hatton

Concert: “I would love to see an OSI concert. Since Kevin Moore’s a recluse and Jim Matheos is running around with Fates Warning, they’ve never gotten a tour together. But I would pay big money to see them. Especially if they threw in some Chroma Key.”

Album: “I think I’d listen to Abbey Road for sure. Now that’s a farewell album if I ever heard one.”

Joseph Mecham

Concert: “I would gladly embrace the impending rapture to see At The Drive In while they were at their peak (Relationship of Command era).”

Album: “Dragonforce – Inhuman Rampage. I think listening to “Through the Fire and Flames” would be quite fitting for the scenario.”

Cody C

Concert: “Europe: The Final Countdown Tour, 1986.”

Album: “REM “It’s the end of the world as we know it” 1987 cassingle b/w Last Date”

Arthur: Let me guess, if you were creating a playlist for a road trip to Alabama, you’d include “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Cody: “Don’t be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtleties obvious also.” -Billy Wilder. In this case the audience is myself, so too obvious is not obvious enough.

Eric Jepson

Concert: “If I pick Wagner’s Ring Cycle, will they delay the end of the world?”

Album: “Today I would actually pick Sunfall Festivall’s Bang Bang Bang. How Linescratchers is that?”

*Note: After thorough investigation of the Bible… it turns our Wagner’s Ring Cycle will indeed delay the Rapture by exactly 1 hour. Unless of course you live in Arizona where they don’t believe in following time standards, in which case you’re screwed at the regularly scheduled time.

Davey Morrison

Concert: “Bob Dylan’s the man I’ve been meaning to see play live before I go (or before he does, or we both do). I think he was here last September; looks like I missed my shot.”

Album: “I’ll give Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks another spin. I’m sure I’ve heard it enough times already, but I can always do with another listen.”

Gregg Hale

Astral Weeks, good call Davey.”

Concert: “All time show for me would probably be to see a rock god live, to me, that would be The Doors with Jim Morrison, 1968 or 1969, or to see Queen with Freddie Mercury. The true tragedy of Mercury’s death is that he can never perform again, he loved it, and he was the best. That, to me is the true tragedy of his death.”

Album: “If I can only listen to one more album while alive on this earth… First album that comes to mind is Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Not necessarily my fav album of all time (though certainly in the top ten) but it’s a double album, 36 amazing songs ranging from metal to pop to piano ballads. If I were stranded on an island with one album… that would be it.”

Thomas Hatton

Concert: “I’d like to see Peter Gabriel. Either a perfect performance of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway with Genesis or that live concert he did a few years ago in Milan with the incredible stage show.”

Album: “I just listened to Devin Townsend’s new-ish album Ki and after hearing the title track at the end of the album, I’d say it would be appropriate for the end of the world. At the end of the rather mellow acoustic song about self discovery Devin comes in with this beautiful arpeggio and layers it until there are ridiculous blast beats and an entire choir of Devin’s singing. He layers on top in his best operatic voice- “So we fall in warm silence…I know, yes, I know, it all goes away.” It’d make for a very poetic Armageddon.”

Davey (again)

“Ooh, Peter Gabriel’s on my list too. Love him, and love his super-theatrical performances (whenever I need more happiness in my life, I look up the video where he sings “Solsbury Hill” on a bicycle onstage).

I also need to see Arcade Fire live, and also missed them when they were in town just a few weeks ago.”

Arthur (again)

“That video (and song) is AWESOME”

Susan M

Concert: “I saw Peter Gabriel as part of an Amnesty International benefit concert in 1986. I don’t remember it being super theatrical, but he was still awesome. U2 and Sting and Jackson Browne and Lou Reed and
many others also played that show. Best 16th birthday ever. 🙂

If I could relive one show, it might have to be the Butthole Surfers/Soundgarden/St Vitus/U-Men, which I saw back in ’87 or ’88. Most intense show ever.

Band I’ve never seen would have to be…either Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley, I’m thinking. Probably Nick Drake. He performed live so seldom, from what I understand.

Album: “As for album, it’d have to be the Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues, or This is the Sea.

I would say Astral Weeks and Van Morrison for both my answers, but someone already took them. (I actually got to see him do Astral Weeks live in Hollywood not too long ago..and he recorded it and released it as an album. A dream come true.)

Dallin Merrill

Concert: “I’d probably like to see the Ben Folds Five crew, complete with Robert Sledge and Darren Jesse. Maybe William Shatner could make a guest appearance.”

Album: “This is my first rapture, so I’m not really sure of the rules for what qualifies as an album. My first inclination would be to listen to Anton Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 in E Minor “From the New World”. If, in their fiery wrath, the avenging angels with flaming swords nix that decision, I’d go with Beastie Boy’s License to Ill.”

Musical Bucket List: Rapture edition

12 thoughts on “Musical Bucket List: Rapture edition

  1. Jay says:

    Concert: Drive Like Jehu circa 1994 or so. I was madly in love with that band right around that time, but never got a chance to see them. Still love them, so, if it’s the end of the world and I can magically get them back together, it sounds perfect.

    Album: it think it would be fun for my last album on earth to be something I’ve never heard before. Like, the new Bon Iver, which I anticipate liking, but isn’t out yet. Sittig and enjoying a new discovery as the world ends sounds like a lot of fun.


  2. Concert: I’d definitely want to catch an Elliott Smith show, since I never got a chance to see him play live.

    Album: I would also listen to Abbey Road. I already listened to the medley today, and I think that’s a good end of the world album.


  3. Dallin says:


    Good call on Elliott Smith. I’d have a hard time choosing between him and Susan’s second choice, Jeff Buckley.


  4. larryco_ says:

    All good choices, but IT’S OVER, FOLKS, your last choice in music has to reflect that. My choice: either “The End” or “When the Music’s Over”, by The Doors. Both are mystical, thematic, apocalyptical; and, for those too young to remember: “Music is your only friend until The End, until The End”.


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