Les Sages – Touring Acoustic and Being a Family Band

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Last Saturday night Les Sages performed at Sammy’s Café in Rexburg, ID. One of the band members, Joseph Larsen, served his mission in my home ward. After my own mission and connecting with him via facebook he sent me a link to his band’s web page (www.lessages.com) and I downloaded their album “Share This.” I liked it a lot, especially the tracks Nomads, The League War, and Red Lights.

The most interesting thing about Les Sages is that they are a family band made up of four brothers and one sister. Right now they perform without their sister because she joined a Canadian Rugby team. However the Larsen brothers still put on a great show with great energy and musical talent without her.

Their music is alternative but some might label them as indie (which would also be apt because they produced their album themselves). The best part of their music is the lyrics and vocals. Most times at concerts it is hard to actually understand what people are singing. They did not have this problem at all, in fact they sang with actual emotion that you could tell they felt what they were singing, and not just singing it. Not only that, but their songs have substance to them, telling stories, talking about life’s problems and the great things in life. One of their more popular songs, “Nomads,” is a biography of their parent’s lives.

Here is an example of the lyrics from “Nomads”
“We’ll have nine kids. They’ll learn to sing and strum and pick. The boys will play in a band and they’ll write this song to honor us and our tattered tired hands. Oh it’ll be the best of heaven, earth and hell as we grow through this.”

The next performance by Les Sages will be at the Rio Tinto Stadium Saturday May 28th.  They will be singing the National Anthem for the Real Salt Lake game.

Check out more of Les Sages with my interview with them about what they have to say about being a family band, how they got formed, what they want their music to be.




Also a bonus video on them singing a barbershop quartet song.

Special thanks to Taylor Jensen for helping with sound and to Sammy’s Cafe – Rexburg for letting me film there.

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Les Sages – Touring Acoustic and Being a Family Band

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