Linescratching Post for the week of May 2, 2011


Vol 1 No. 10, Week of May 2, 2011

In this issue: Ian Fowles gets spiritual in the desert, Fictionist can’t stop winning, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir gets manly, The Killers reunite, The Barefoot Movement lose us, a great gift for yo momma, all this PLUS Is Oskama Bin Laden going to have to break up now? and MORE!


Are you sure it was a good idea to order the mushroom burger? Ian Fowles of The Aquabats and the Nibley Fellowship attended Coachella both as a performer and a fan and also happened to achieve total enlightenment and transcendence during the Arcade Fire set. (Ian is a student in Religious Studies at Claremont and has written on religious practice and rock music before.)     

Fictionist is victorious-ish. Yes, yet another round of voting has finished for the Rolling Stone cover competition, and Fictionist has survived again. That means that everyone can vote again. Read about their experience so far and then VOTE HERE.

Don’t know about the CD but I’d definitely buy the calendar. Josh Wright, soon to be U of U grad, has just topped the “Classical Traditional” chart with his new eponymous album hitting #1, #4 on the “overall classical” chart. Men of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has done well (hitting #1 and hanging around the charts for 19ish weeks) though many buyers were likely disappointed as the liner notes are not nearly as sexy as you might imagine. (via Mormon Times)

The Steelwells are all mixed up. The Cure reference? The Cure reference. Anyway, in what appears to be a developing series of remixes, the Steelwells have released a new version of their tune El Capitan, this time reimagined by Betablock3r. Hey, I needed those Betas! Check it out for free.

Flowers gets back to his roots. Is this thing on? Hello? Unless you read starry-eyed Brandon Flowers-obsessed fan blogs or watch German TV, you probably hadn’t heard that the Killers will be returning to the studio in the next few weeks to record album #4. But they are. In other Killers news, a cover of Mr. Brightside was performed at the royal wedding reception. Reading that description of the royal wedding reception made me feel pretty good about my homemade mix CD that I played at my own reception. But it’s kind of depressing too: I’m not sure I want to live in a world where a Bryan Adams cover is the best entertainment that money can buy.

The encore will be in Kentucky. Folky/bluegrassy Trio The Barefoot Movement will be playing a free show tomorrow night, 5/3, in Johnson City in both Tennessee and North Carolina. Details here.

Half-Classy, Half-Cheap. Perfect for your mom. Hey-O! Classical composer and pianist Jennifer Thomas is offering both of her albums at a discount for Mother’s Day. She has also permanently discounted her sheet music. Personally, I will be offering a one-half-day moratorium on yo momma jokes, free.

Linescratchers meets 2006. We got our own YouTube channel! Right now it’s pretty much all Fictionist all the time, but we’ll expand, promise!

E-mail me tips and news items of note.

Linescratching Post for the week of May 2, 2011

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