Launch Point – From Where to There review

Album: From Where to There

Launch Point started in the summer of 2006 after the band Chevallier had decided to move from Vegas to Austin to pursue their efforts the live music capital. With members not following through with the plan, and others pursing other venues of creativity it was time for a new direction. Jon ‘Evs’ Evans, the drummer from Chevalier, decided that, rather than waiting for everyone else to make a decision on whether it was worth making music together, to keep moving forward.

“Creating an album 100% on your own can be empowering and therapeutic.” – Jon Evans

Launch Point is essentially a one-man album by Jon Evans, and is certainly one of the more intriguing albums I have heard recently. Well written, well played, and extremely well produced, I enjoyed the inner evolution of this album very much. This album starts with songs, very reminiscent of 311. While I love 311 as much as the next person (Music is still a rad album!) I was leery of listening to an entire album of something that was trying to sound like something else. This is certainly not the case. As the album progresses, there are certainly influences of 311 to be heard from time to time, but I found myself being reminded of 1998-2006 Red Hot Chili Peppers a bit. As the album continued to progress, I found myself hearing more epic elements to the music, reminiscent of 30 Seconds to Mars and Angels and Airwaves, both bands that I freely admit to loving.

Apparently I am not the only one impressed with the album. There were two songs in two separate categories on the Grammy nomination list. Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals: DEFINED & SOMEDAY and Best Rock Song: DEFINED. Though none of them were in the final 5 for the voting, it is a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Jon is currently working on a new EP to be released this year (with any luck I will be able to review it, and interview him). If this album is any indicator, we are in for a treat. Jon is a great songwriter, and the album is anything but one-dimensional, and if you are a drummer, prepare for a clinic, this dude can drum!

My personal favourite songs:
“Someday,” “30cc,” “Guilty,” “Open Minded”

Overall rating: 93/100

Launch Point – From Where to There review

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