Linescratching Post for the week of April 18, 2011


Vol 1 No. 8, Week of April 18, 2011

In this issue: A (non-Arcade Fire) Mormon storms the Canadian music awards scene; Cary Judd tries out a new career path; Low and Uncle Jesse’s project comes to fruition; The Steelwells get remixed; Mayan Fox mash up; SHeDAISY talk breakfast, Aquabats, Neon Trees, and Brandon Flowers do Coachella; Jennifer Thomas give a tutorial on instrumentation, and more.

She’s 3 steps away from the Canadian equivalent of the EGOT. (Eh-GOT?… Sorry everybody.) Three weeks ago, Meaghan Smith won the Juno award for Best New Artist. (The Junos are equivalent to the Canadian Grammys.) Then, this weekend, her album The Crickets Orchestra won the East Coast Music Award for Best Pop Recording! So what’s she gonna do next? No, not going to Disneyland. She’s Canadian. She’s giving away a guitar. Check out her site for the guitar contest as well as a nice animated biographical introduction.

Bring ya kids, bring ya wife. Young Sim, Definit, and many other members of the Feel Good Music Coalition will be putting on a huge family-friendly show May 7th at Legends in SLC. Jimmer-lessons included with price of admission.

Soooo predictable. Mayan Fox, live on the radio, covering Lionel Richie with a Fresh Prince interlude. I am not making this up.

Cary Judd leaves music, takes up marriage counseling. I’m not sure, even after watching it all, exactly what’s going on in this video. It involves a mini-van, a whisk, a baby, and the A-Team. Also, he’s still doing music. Here’s a new demo.

In some circles, they might be called ShizDizzy. And yes, I should write for Jeopardy! SHeDAISY answers some fan questions. You can tell from their answer to “What’s your favorite cereal?” that they are not Mormon Moms.  Sugar cereal was like a cathode-ray induced hallucination that didn’t really exist outside of the one hour of cartoons I was allowed to watch on Saturday Morning. But we did eat ourselfs some puffed rice.

Alternate video title: Uncle Jesse Bums You Out (again). Low have released their first video to their first single, “Try to Sleep,” off their new album, C’mon, which came out this week. Watch linescratchers for a special review later this week.

Sooo Predictable II. The Aquabats rocked Coachella by incorporating Atreyu the dog dragon and Danny DeVito into their set. Obviously. Brandon Flowers was there too, sans dragon.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark(end space of your basement recording studio). Composer Jennifer Thomas walks us through the orchestrating process for composers who have composed a piece and wish to prepare it for an orchestra. Okay Jennifer, but how do you add more cowbell??*

When they go to Utah, they’re temporarily called the Stillwells. The Steelwells get the dance club treatment with a Barry Watkins remix of their track “This Dance Is Out of Your Hands.”

Idiot Spree. Idiot Glee is booking his June tour now. Get in touch if you’re interested in helping out.

What naught to wear. Elaine Bradley of the Neon Trees give a Coachella-themed interview about her personal style, including a guide regarding what to wear to Coachella. Oh really? Over $1000 for what amounts to jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals? Sure, why not? And, since style is the topic, what’s up with the golden breastplate she’s sporting at the top of the article?  Hey wait just a second. Oversized t-shirt? Sandals? Metallic Breastplate? Huge party in the desert? Neon Trees have gone full-on Old Testament core!

Why I won’t be seeing the Book of Mormon Musical: Reason #1. It’s a broadway musical. Music Man was cool and all, but let’s get serious.


*This joke best if read before the year 2006.

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Linescratching Post for the week of April 18, 2011

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