Linescratching Post for the week of April 11, 2011


Vol 1 No. 7, Week of April 11, 2011

In this issue: Colby Miller requests to entertain you, Sugar Ray meets Provo, John Hunstman turns out to be a “Prog”ressive, Mayan Fox heals the world and makes it a better place, mean (but true!) rumors about David Archuleta, Ken Jennings on the Book of Mormon musical, Jennifer Thomas, Idiot Glee, Alan Sparhawk, and more!

He’s a good hardworking boy, let him bring in your mail. Wunderkind Colby Miller is trying to record his second album, but needs your help. He’s already given away literally everything he’s ever recorded for free. If you’ve listened, consider this an advance on what’s sure to be a great record. If you haven’t listened yet, check out the excellent Prometheus (free!). Watch for an interview later this week.

One huge, thus unconsidered, advantage of the BYU honor code: No chin beards. Friday night, Fictionist and the Climbing opened for Sugar Ray. Yes, Sugar Ray Sugar Ray. What, fastball wasn’t available? Anyway, Fictionist are still in the running for that Rolling Stone cover contest. Vote it up.

Contest: Come up with a more obvious name for a high school prog rock band. John Huntsman dropped out of high school in 1978 to really experience life, man, you know, the road, and like, real living with real people. Music. Art. Love. Moog. Wizard. (Thanks Dallin!)

Bindi will never outfox the fox. Mayan Fox, taking a hiatus from out-croc-wrestling Bindi Irwin, will be playing the New Ground Festival, joining what looks to be literally the most diverse line-up I have ever seen.

I’ll put fire ants in your fire pants, make you do the…Classical crossover pianist and composer Jennifer Thomas is offering a free sneak preview track “Fire Dance” off of her upcoming album “Portraits.” Spanish-y!

I’m waiting until it comes out on reel-to-reel. Idiot Glee are features on a new cassette compilation on Fierce Panda with the dum dum girls, tennis, and some bands I’m not cool enough to have heard of before. The link goes to a brief write up about the comp in NME. He also launched a tumblr, which sounds like slang for something messy, but is not.

My neon chemical tree romances. Neon Trees are giving away a signed guitar, which is cool. It’s also, uh, signed by My Chemical Romance. But, you know, free guitar!

I’m surprised polygamy and Mountain Meadows didn’t come up. In this new interview with Alan Sparhawk, he responds to questions about blood atonement, end-times, prophets, faith, and mental health. And, oh yeah, music.

Briefest: Brandon Flowers had a third baby, wants to retire in five years. A credible source reports that David Archuleta’s voice has recently sounded like a frog. Rachel Kaiser is not performing with the Neighbors right now, because she’s back touring with Brandon Flowers and is currently in Mexico. Ken Jennings compares the actual Book of Mormon to The Book of Mormon musical (though he admits that he has not seen it on his own site.)

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Linescratching Post for the week of April 11, 2011

2 thoughts on “Linescratching Post for the week of April 11, 2011

  1. Dallin says:

    The best part about that NYDN article by Ken Jennings is that BOM Musical co-creator Robert Lopez and Ken are pretty much the only people in the comments section.


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