Linescratching Post for the week of April 4, 2011


Vol 1 No. 6, Week of April 4, 2011

In this issue: Full House meets Low, a hot new music video director on the scene, Fictionist full of win, Idiot Glee gets his limey on, Yo Gabba Gabba get Spiritualized, David Archuleta, Pearl and the Beard, Donny and Marie, Neon Trees and more more more!


At first the headline was Frictionist is “heating up.” But that pun doesn’t work as well without the R. Having already gotten to round 2 of the Rolling Stone cover competition award (vote here for the next round and pick up four free downloads while you’re at it), Fictionist has now won “best new pop/rock song” for their tune “Blue-Eyed Universe” at the Independent Music Awards 2011.

Cut. It. Out. Low is streaming their entire album, c’mon, for free over at NPR. The stream will be removed once the album is official released on April 12, so check it out now. In much bigger, more exciting news: Low met John Stamos. Have mercy! Turns out Uncle Jesse is shooting the new low video. You know, I thought the RGC cover of Kokomo was a horrible idea, but as it turns out…no, that was still a horrible idea. But maybe it was a horrible idea that was totally worth it.  (Stamos played drums on the video for that wretched tune.) (How rude?)

My favorite GG after Golden Girls. Up and coming director Garrett Gibbons has just released two new music videos: Spanish LDS singer-songwriter Alma Sanjo’s “Vuelve” and Seattle hiphop group Theoretics’ “Higher.

Sure I’m a Gleek. An Idiot Gleek. (That sounded a lot smarter and more triumphant in my head.) Idiot Glee’s new 7″ Don’t Go Out Tonight is streaming here, reviewed here (with official and live video) and available to buy here. He was also recently interviewed for a Telegraph UK article on a capella music. He briefly discusses the role that growing up in the church has on his music. “Learnt” and “harmonise”? I hope this wasn’t an email interview, otherwise that’s just some pandering via spelling and you know it, James.

¡ɐqqɐb ɐqqɐb oʎ Having already conquered Coachella last spring, Yo Gabba Gabba is now poised to invade Vivid Live 2011 along with Spiritualized, Architecture in Helsinki, and many others. First Coachella, then Vivid Live…I hope whoever is curating the next All Tomorrow’s Parties has room for a magic robot and a tall, nice cyclops. There’s a party in my tummy, if by “party”, you mean half a pimento loaf and three boxes of Mike and Ikes. Trust me, no carrots are crying because they want in that tummy.

Which way does the dwyane go over there? Speaking of the puɐן uʍop ɹǝpun, Mayan Fox have announced that two members recently left: drummer Dwyane Wooley has accepted a mission call to the Phillipines, and founding bass player Scott Sands has been replaced by James Doyle. The band is still keepin’ on, writing new songs, playing out, and getting ready to record album #2. Check out and rate some free tunes here. Their next album is called That’s Not a Knife (in my head, anyway.)

Remember when Donny said he was a little bit rocknroll? Just how little is “little”? Donny and Marie will be releasing their first album together in 30 years, entitled  “Together Again.”  The press release says that the album will feature covers of, uh, Richard Marx and, uh, Bon Jovi. They’ve also got a new show in Vegas right now. And Donny has another album coming out that was produced by Todd Rundgren (okay, fine, that’s a little bit rocknroll. You win this round, Donny.)

Potpourri. The Northern Labour Party just released their new awesome and messy video. Pearl and the Beard‘s new album, Killing the Darlings, is available now. The recording academy asks The Neon Trees five questions. David Archuleta dusts off his rusty vocal chords in preparation to play some more shows, starting with the Sun Fun Festival in Myrtle beach. Annelise LeCheminant is on tour in CA. Colby Miller is getting ready to start recording album #2.



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Linescratching Post for the week of April 4, 2011

5 thoughts on “Linescratching Post for the week of April 4, 2011

  1. haha – just for that we will call our next album ‘That’s Not a Knife!’ Lock it in sunshine:) haha.

    Hey, Neon Trees have been getting a ton of radio play over here in Australia on commercial radio. I happened to be flicking through stations when I heard an announcer go, “They’re rock, they’re Mormon, they’re Neon Trees” or something like that. They’re probably huge in the states but it was cool for me to hear on local radio a band I personally first heard of Linescratchers.

    YippeeKayYay Mama Sita!


  2. Cody says:

    I guess the Neon Trees are getting pretty big, given the mohawk and the Glee and all. Either that, or there’s an Australian DJ getting tips from linescratchers.

    Is Paul Hogan or Steve Irwin a bigger national hero down there?

    I’m sick of these monkey fightin’ snakes on this Monday to Friday plane.


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