Please help Linescratchers AND Fictionist!

Here’s your chance to help Linescratchers and one of our featured artists, Fictionist.

Fictionist has advanced in the Rolling Stone cover contest, and they’re having their own contest to help get them votes.  The winner of the Fictionist contest (the person or people who generate the most votes) will win $1000 and two tickets to Bonnaroo.  Linescratchers has asked the boys’ permission and is allowed to enter.

What can Linescratchers do with the winnings?  We could possibly…

  • Help pay for the web hosting for our site
  • Put on an awesome concert
  • Have a sweet awards ceremony with awards for the 2011 Linescratchers Awards
  • Something else
  • And we could still do something with the tickets, we’re open to ideas from you guys

That’s why we’re asking YOU to help Linescratchers generate votes, and those votes will help one of our very own featured artists get on the cover of Rolling Stone AND play at Bonnaroo. This is a win-win-win situation.

So, if you want to help us out by voting CLICK HERE and follow the instructions!

And if you want to help us out even more, copy and paste the following link on your Facebook, Twitter, or in an email to your friends:

Please help Linescratchers AND Fictionist!

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