Linescratching Post for the week of March 28, 2011


Vol 1 No. 5, Week of March 28, 2011

In this issue: Some linescratchers break up! The Pearl and the Beard make the rest of us feel like worthless lumps! Gladys Knight takes on Vegas and Amtrak! The Aquabats! make the rest of us feel like real go-getters! Low does some stuff! I include a bowdlerized Jawbreaker reference! and more!

What do you get when you cross the bitter and the sweet? The sweater. Sad/happy news from our pals the Sweater Friends. They’re breaking up. But they’re playing one more show (March 31), still going to finish the album they’ve been working on, and are selling all their recordings for whatever you want to pay. They both seem cool with it and Jake has started a music blog. Sweater Frenemies. There I said it.

The Midnight Train to Georgia has finally arrived. Though she’ll deny it, Gladys Knight has had her eye on becoming the National Train Day Spokesperson since she recorded her signature hit “Midnight Train to Georgia” in 1973. The writer of the song, Jim Weatherly, recorded it as “Midnight Plane to Houston,” but there is no National Plane Day and therefore no National Plane Day spokesperson. (Also, who cares about Texas?)  She also has a new show opening in Las Vegas, running from April to September and a new facebook site.   But, again, she is the new national train day spokesperson. Congratulations, Sister Knight! (PS. Those Pips jokes can get to a person. The Pips bite back on the Richard Pryor show in 1977)

Slow down guys, don’t get ahead of yourselves here. Speaking of things finally arriving, the Aquabats! have announced that they will finally be getting their own TV show. It only took 15 years! Your great grandkids are going to be stoked about the recently announced The Aquabats feature film, coming in 2051! (Thanks Arthur.)

Pearl:Beard::Diamond:Fu Manchu. The Pearl and the Beard have been super-activos. Besides playing seven (!) shows at SXSW, they got interviewed by DieselTV (interview starts at 4:25), interviewed for a music doc called Broke, and are playing their album release show at NYC’s famous Knitting Factory on April Fool’s Day.

My fictionist beats the heck out of my truthist. Fictionist have moved on to the next round of competition to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Vote or die? Vote or die.

Slow down guy, don’t get ahead of yourself here, II. Australis has closed his myspace site. At this time the status of his friendster account is unknown. Stay tuned for updates and breaking news as it occurs.

If this is low, I never wanna get high. Low offers up another free download, especially me, from their upcoming album. Enter for a chance to win a free autographed copy of the new low LP, C’mon, just by liking their facebook page. Well, you actually have to push the like button, so it’s not as easy as I may have led you to believe in that last sentence. Also, check out some free downloads of six live Retribution Gospel Choir tracks. Also also, Wilco’s Nels Cline loves Low.

Corrections: In the last linescratching post I neglected to mention that both the Pearl and the Beard and Idiot Glee would be in Austin for SXSW-related activities.

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Linescratching Post for the week of March 28, 2011

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