The Linescratching Post for the week of March 7, 2011


Vol 1 No. 3, Week of March 7, 2011

In this issue: SCANDAL EDITION! Ken Jennings defies electoral consensus in a forbidden fantasy! Mayan Fox gets me stonkered! Colby Miller gives away the milk AND the cow for free! Alan Sparhawk unleashes his retribution! The Neon Trees meet Glee! The Steelwells win an award (uh, a scandalous award?) All this, plus Yo Gabba Gabba might get canceled, Fictionist compete with food delivery for attention from BYUTV, and an obligatory Archuleta Army update!

Colby Miller SCANDAL! Colby Miller just can’t seem to give his music away fast enough. Hey man, don’t you know that Metallica is starving out there? Anyway, it wasn’t enough to write, record, and release two EPs and a full-length album in the last six months. He had to also give them away for free sell them for whatever price you wanted. And these aren’t some goofy throwaway releases that your kid brother pumped out with a pirated copy of ProTools. Prometheus is probably the best album released this year. Well, now he’s giving away a new song. He’s either on the road to stardom or sainthood–check him out now, while you can still talk him in to playing your living room.  UPDATE! It’s actually a free album/endless mixtape-type arrangement. This man can’t be stopped.

Steelwells SCANDAL! The Steelwells have won the award for Best Live Band in Orange County as decided at the OC Weekly Music Awards. The scandal? They are supposedly a better live band than these folks. That picture alone is more entertaining than some shows I’ve been to. Seriously though, congrats Steelwells!

Yo Gabba Gabba SCANDAL! Yo Gabba Gabba has not been renewed for a fourth season, and Nickelodeon hasn’t even aired all of the season 3 episodes. Help Nickelodeon know that we need more seasons of Yo Gabba Gabba. Am I the only one who is primarily interested in this show because the creator is the guy from Majestic? Yes? Oh. Well, that bumper music really is tops! (Call me, Scott!)

Alan Sparhawk SCANDAL! Six question with Alan Sparhawk started out innocently enough, until he was asked  Who is going to feel the retribution of Alan Sparhawk? Yes, he names names and it’s someone who has recently spoken at BYU!!1!

Mayan Fox SCANDAL! Take a squizz! Mayan Fox, Australian exotic/pop/reggae linescratchers, is looking for a new drummer! At press time, Mayan Fox had not immediately responded to questions about whether the former drummer was fired because he was a bludger, an ocker, or a skite, because I did not ask. In my mind, the band responded “You couldn’t find a dob because you wouldn’t get off your fat date to find the dinky-di.” and concluded “She’ll be apples.”

David Archuleta SCANDAL! David Archuleta, a twenty year old man, occasionally keeps his mother out of his business affairs…only including her at the LAST MINUTE.

Ken Jennings SCANDAL! What Canadian indie rock god does Ken Jennings wish to gay marry??? (Dan Bejar from the New Pornographers and Destroyer. But you should still click on the link because Ken Jennings is endlessly entertaining and witty. Call me, Ken!)

Fictionist SCANDAL! A BYUTV feature on Fictionist got top billing over a ground breaking news story on a cake decorating class! Way to bury the lede, BYUTV! Kidding. Fictionist is actually getting a lot of local media attention because of the Rolling Stone cover thing.

Neon Trees SCANDAL! The Neon Trees’ song “Animal” will get the GLEE treatment (via Tree Huggers) on this Tuesday’s (March 8th) episode. Click here for an audio preview. Not that scandalous, really, I suppose. I got the glee treatment once. It was weird.

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The Linescratching Post for the week of March 7, 2011

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