Brianna Nicole

With her strong & soulful voice, Brianna Nicole is making a splash both in and out of the LDS music scene.   She was involved with the 2010 EFY CD, is featured on an upcoming album from Young Sim, and is also working on a solo album project being produced by Young Sim.  I took a few minutes to get to know this talented young singer/songwriter.

How and when did you get started in music?

A:  I’ve been singing since before I can remember. I have always been involved in plays and musical groups growing up which eventually transitioned me into doing what I love as a soloist.

Who are your influences?  Who would you most like to collaborate with?

A: Some famous influences are Sara Bareilles, Ingred Michaelson and Joy Williams.  Others are, of course, my mother who as encouraged me from day one, and my fiance who is also very musically talented.  If I could collaborate with anyone, it would definitely be Sara Bareilles and Joy Williams.

What projects have you worked on up to this point?

A: I’ve been featured on a Youth Conference CD, did some work on the 2010 EFY CD, sang for numerous groups, benefits, performances, and most recently I released some free downloadable Christmas songs.

What are you working on now?

A: I’ve been working with Young Sim to be featured on his new album as well as working with him to produce my first solo album, which I’m very excited about!  Nothing is official yet, but there may be a single in the works of one of my favorite songs I’ve written.  I will be performing at upcoming events with Young Sim and I am constantly writing new music and collaborating with new artists.

How did you get connected with Young Sim?

A: Through my fiance, Sean (Definit).  They’ve done a lot of stuff together. He started the Feel Good Music Coalition and I joined in.

Tell me about your process for develop a song from initial idea to finished track, and who else is involved in the process.

A: It’s kind of funny, but I’ve written a lot of my music in the shower. Usually, I just start humming something and eventually start putting words to it.  If it’s good enough, I quickly jot down the lyrics and record the melody so I don’t forget.  I have all sorts of half-written songs recorded on my phone.  Then, I grab a guitarist and work on putting the right sound to the melody.  Eventually, we lay down multiple instruments and finally vocals in the studio.  That’s my favorite part. Of course, there is a lot more work that goes into recording and perfecting each part.  It truly is a work of art in every aspect itself.  I definitely couldn’t do it without the talents of others.  Since I don’t play any instruments right now, the musicians are a huge part of it all.  I’m blessed to work with many different and very talented musicians.  My fiance is a hip hop artis and producer and he is key in the whole process. Not only does he help me record, he has the same desire and passion for music as I do, so he inspires me.  Young Sim has been incredibly influential. In an industry where it’s all about who you know, he knows everyone.  He’s hooked me up with gigs, studio sessions, musicians, producers, and more. It all happens because of him. I’m blessed to know him.

What do you hope to accomplish with your talents?  Is music a career or a passionate hobby?

A: I have always felt that music can be both uplifting as well as have a great sound and beat.  I want to be able to blur the line between “church music” and everything else.  I fell in love with the music and voice of Joy Williams while I was in high school. I used to blast her music in my car all the time. She had good, uplifting messages in all of her songs.  It wasn’t until later, when I really read the lyrics, that I realized that some of her songs were specifically about Christ.  She blurred the line that the world set for me. The world says music that talks about God is for Sunday and nothing else. There should be no line. That is my ultimate goal.

So, your religious beliefs and values have directly impacted your work as an artist?

A: I have always had a strong testimony and love using music as a way to testify of Christ. My religion has set values for the way I live my life and the way I portray myself to others.  This industry can twist the morals of an individual, but I believe in staying true to what you believe.

Where can people see you perform,  or hear your music online?

A: As of now, I will be performing at the Feel Good Music nights held periodically at Legends Bar & Grill in Salt Lake City with Young Sim and other talented artists.  You can find out when the performances are by following my fan page on Facebook or ReverbNation.  I have “Killing Me Softly” as a free download currently on reverbnation, and I also have some amateur videos of past performances on my website and facebook fan page.


Brianna Nicole

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