April Meservy

Photo by Brianne Hall

April Meservy knows a thing or two about playing music to a Mormon audience. She has been featured on EFY soundtracks and has received five Pearl Awards. But April is a seasoned indie songwriter, has been writing music for over twelve years.  More recently, she has released an indie singer-songwriter album called Somewhere Between Sunsets, and is now on tour with Ukrainian songwriter Nikki Forova. Before she left on tour, she did an interview with us about her upbringing, her album, and her career in music.  Interested readers can find links to her website and music in the interview.

First of all, how are you connected with Linescratchers regular Young Sim (Simeon Lawrence)?
A: A music friend introduced me to Young Sim’s Music (Prince Early) and then Young Sim pointed me to the site.

Tell us about your upbringing. Where are you from? Are your parents or family musical?
A: I’m from Reno NV. I come from a family of music-lovers. While I am the only full-time musician in the family they all appreciate and are involved in music on various levels. My dad used to play the bass in various bands (in fact I use his old bass strap for my guitar). Recently he sang with the MoTab [Mormon Tabernacle Choir]. I remember my mom wrote and sang a lullaby for each of us as children – that was really special to me. Between my brother Mike’s experimentations with creating electronic/world dance music, my brother James’ love for opera, and my sister’s love for Dead Can Dance, The Cure and such, we’ve kind of got some variety. Diversity has always been celebrated in my family. We enjoy discovering beautiful music and art in different cultures. I like that a lot.

When did you discover your talent for music?
A: Hmmm. I just loved to sing. Music spoke to me in ways that I felt expressed things I couldn’t say. I wanted to be a part of that beautiful world of creation and expression.

You seem to explore many genres of music. What “style” do you consider your music to be?
A: Indie singer-songwriter. My music is infused with elements of jazz, folk, pop, rock, and at moments even electronica…. so it’s hard to pin down. Indie acoustic might fit. You could also call it indie-folk-pop. I’ve heard people mention different titles for it and I think several of them fit.

Tell us about your newest album, “Somewhere Between Sunsets” Where can interested readers find your album?
A: Hard copies and digital copies can be purchased off my site www.AprilMeservy.com. Most places that sell online music have the downloadable version (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Limewire, Napster, etc.). Select Wal-marts carry them.

What is the nature of your independent label, Forêt d’Musique? Do any other musicians use this label?
A: It’s an independent label that I created to host my own albums as well as other artists I produce. I have been starting to produce artists of different styles – from pop/rock to indie eclectic to light classical. Forêt d’Musique means Forest of Music in Jèrriais (an ancestral language of my family). I chose that title because I wanted it to be a label to represent music of all kinds. In a forest there are many different kinds of trees and plants – that’s what makes it beautiful. I feel it’s the same with music. Different songs and styles even speak to us in different ways and that’s what makes life rich and beautiful. No one style can represent the entirety of our experiences in life and the emotions we feel. I believe in celebrating that. My label intends to support and promote artists of different kinds.

What themes can listeners hear in your music? How does your faith influence what you write? (How does your faith affect you as an artist?)
A: My faith is the entire framework and lens through which I view the world. Every hope, joy, frustration, fear, and loss is all interpreted through the lens of a believer. The gospel brings things more into focus for me. My perspective is enhanced. Colors and life become more vibrant and meaningful to me because I know that God does exist. He loves me. He is the reason I sing and write.

Your website mentions that you’re going on tour with Nikki Forova. Where will you be playing? Who is Nikki and what is her music like?
A: Nikki Forova is a singer-songwriter from Ukraine but currently based in Los Angeles. Her music is very deep and eclectic … stylistically a mix between Bjork, Tori Amos, and Regina Spektor so I never get tired of it. It’s fun to tour with her because she’s got a unique twist to life and her music. We actually finished up a 3-month US Western States Indie Tour this summer and will be heading out again for 2011 tour to Seattle (WA), Coeur d’Alene (ID), Sandpoint (ID), Mesa (AZ), Phoenix (AZ), Orem (UT) San Antonio (TX), and a few other spots along the way.

Is music what you want to do “when you grow up?” Is this a career or a hobby?
A: I really love creating and working in music so it’s definitely a career. I find it very fulfilling even though the hours can be incredibly long (spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-80 hours a week on music-related projects).

April Meservy

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