2010 Linescratchers Awards Voting

Well, it’s finally that time:  the time to vote on the best Linescratchers artists from 2010.  We have some stellar artists this year who have released some amazing music.  Please read the rules for each award to make sure you know what you’re voting for.  It’s also ideal if you’re familiar with the music you’re voting for.  The poll will close on January 14th, and the results will be released on January 15th.  Voters and readers: tell your friends!  Artists:  tell your fans!


The 2010 Linescratchers Award

This award goes to a Linescratchers Featured Artist who has released an album in 2010.  The possible choices are listed in the poll.

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The 2010 Linescratchers Popular Award

This award goes to any LDS artist who has been nominated for an award (the nominations are now closed).

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2010 Linescratchers Awards Voting

12 thoughts on “2010 Linescratchers Awards Voting

  1. madmom says:

    I can’t believe I stumbled off the Mormon Music site into anything this interesting. Seeing LOW lyrics off to the right, on the home page…well, I may just love you. Happy New Year.


  2. hmm – hard choice. I’m still working my way through listening to all of the nominations for the ‘Linescratchers Award’. I’ll probably even vote against myself! haha – I’m really digging Fictionist.


  3. The trouble is, 1/2 of our local fans are dealing with a major flood crisis over here. We’re even dealing with the threat but I’ll do what I can to promote anyway:) Long Live Linescratchers!


  4. Oh yes Nate. We have been reading about those tragic floods here in the States. The news keeps saying that there is a flood area bigger than Texas out there, which is American slang for really really big. I shall pray for your country and hope that things will return to normalcy very soon.


  5. Yeah Allie, that is an apt comparism! Queensland is over twice as big as Texas and 75% of it is under water! In fact, there’s a small town of a few hundred people, which is actually called Texas, which is also under! There’s also other areas outside of Queensland under water so the problem is amazingly huge!

    Anyway, I guess this isn’t the right forum for me to carry on about it but thanks for the prayers:) We have a lot of family and friends badly affected by it. This includes heaps of LDS!


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