The 2010 Linescratchers Awards

I’m pleased to announce the first annual Linescratchers Awards: a yearly contest wherein we vote on the best albums from LDS artists of the whole year. This will be a great opportunity for musicians to get prizes, recognition, and exposure for their work, and if it goes well, it will happen every year. We are giving out three awards this year:

The Linescratchers Award
This award is given out to featured artists on Linescratchers who have released a full-length album anytime in 2010. The nomination pool, taken from the list of Our Artists, will be given in an upcoming post, and the decision will be made with a popular vote.

Popular Award
This award is available to any LDS musician who released a full-length album in 2010, regardless of whether we have featured them or not. Nominations will be done by you, our readers, in an upcoming post. Then, the decision will be made by popular vote.

Staff Pick
This award is given by the staff of Linescratchers to one musician or band who we think really embodies the mission of Linescratchers.  Decision is made by secret combination.

The nominations for the Popular Award will begin very soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, start thinking about your favorite LDS artists who have released albums this year. You’ll have a chance to nominate them for a Linescratchers award!

The 2010 Linescratchers Awards

2 thoughts on “The 2010 Linescratchers Awards

  1. In short, yes. That’s the gist of Linescratchers. The Popular Award is still available for musicians not (or not yet) featured on Linescratchers, but the idea is to recognize the musicians out there who write non-“LDS music”.

    “LDS music” being defined as the “Utah Sound.” I think we all know what that is.


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