Bearcats – This Wildfire Magic review


Band: Bearcats

Album: This Wildfire Magic

Recommended if you like: Spoon, Phoenix, Tokyo Police Club, Futureheads


I first heard Bearcats on Facebook some time ago while dorking around between classes and was instantly amused with what I found. Since the release of their recent album, my initial response panned out to be much more than my usual affection towards local band. Bringing a chilled out Pixies-esk tone to the table with a big dose of British indie drive and hook, Bearcats show some real maturity for their first venture as a band. Formerly called Alt Alt, the group itself currently calls Provo home, but hails from Brigham City in Northern Utah. The three-piece stems from high school friendships (which by my judgment wasn’t that long ago) and have since found great cohesion musically.

Their debut EP, rightfully titled This Wildfire Magic, is made up of six songs each as engaging as the next. There is very much a surreal-glow to the album that makes for a uniquely Bearcats feel. It’s a tight recording laden with fender guitar tone and the right amount of reverb. Bass, drums and even vocals at times seem to back up the guitar work, which makes for something interesting happening every moment of This Wildfire Magic. From beat to bass-line, words to rhythm, there is nothing cliché about this group or their recording. The vocalists sound almost bored at times, but it just adds to the overall sleepy toe-tapping feel that is anything but boring.

You can download This Wildfire Magic at (which is great because the band actually gets most of the money) but if you feel like making Steve Jobs’ Christmas a little better, find the EP on iTunes here.


Jake is an undergrad at the University of Utah and makes up half of The Sweater Friends.

Bearcats – This Wildfire Magic review

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