Robert Plant covers Low on newest album

Fans of Low might be surprised to hear that two Low songs, “Silver Rider” and “Monkey”, have appeared on Robert Plant’s newest solo album Band of Joy.  “Monkey” happens to be one of my favorites actually.  I haven’t heard the covers but it is definitely exciting.  Who knew that Robert Plant was a Low fan?

I am sure you’re all wondering how the Led Zeppelin singer interpreted such a signature Sparhawk/Parker song, here’s a fan video of the song being performed on Plant’s recent tour:

Wild, isn’t it? Especially the ending. Great version. I’m sure Alan and Mimi are over the moon about this. If you want to hear more of Plant’s album Band of Joy you can check it out on iTunes.

Robert Plant covers Low on newest album

6 thoughts on “Robert Plant covers Low on newest album

  1. I know, right? I’m not going to say his version is better than the original, but it sure comes close. It just shows that a rock veteran who toured with the one and only Led Zeppelin knows exactly what makes the song good, and he enhances that. Pretty amazing if you ask me.


  2. Trina Howard says:

    Really loved this version, and love that Robert Plant has never rested on his LZ laurels…he is obviously plugged in and listening to other’s great work – and his genre-jumping choices always delight me.


  3. Charles: No kidding!

    Trina: Yeah, Robert Plant has aged with a lot of class and grace for sure. I especially like his involvement with music in the deserts of North Africa… I’ve seen him on World Link TV talking about it.


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