Rachel Kaiser now singing for Brandon Flowers

Not too long ago, we here at Linescratchers welcomed a tight brother-sister duo into the fold: The Neighbors.  Adam and Rachel Kaiser are well-known for their great live shows and fun and accessible alternative pop.  But fans of the band might have recently been surprised to see Rachel Kaiser, keyboardist, songwriter, and singer, on the Jay Leno show singing backup for Brandon Flowers.  She will be singing for him at live shows until January.  Here is their Jay Leno performance:

Rachel Kaiser now singing for Brandon Flowers

9 thoughts on “Rachel Kaiser now singing for Brandon Flowers

  1. I am curious if anyone has done an article on why Mormons are so successful in alternative music second only to country? Not that I have a problem with that because I love alternative music, but country not so much. Religious music doesn’t even seem as big between the two. It would be cool to trace the history of Mormon alternative music. Country makes sense because of its Western roots from the move West.


  2. It means they’re super cool, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m not sure I’d call Brandon Flowers a “kingmaker” just yet, but we’ll see. I think if The Neighbors can tighten their live sound just a little, they could really go far.


  3. Jettboy: Just found your post in the spam filter for some reason. I can’t say why Mormons are successful in alternative music, though I’m not sure that’s the case. Second to country, it seems to me that there isn’t a clear contender. There are probably a lot of alternative musicians due to the fact that alternative music is popular amongst white, middle-class youth, which describes a lot of our youth. Though I would say punk music and ska have had a lot of movement in the LDS population especially in the ’90s. Though if you classify those with alternative then that supports your observation.


  4. “Alternative” is a very wide-sweeping label too. When I was at the Y just about every band I saw seemed to bill itself as either ska or “alternative.” When I was young it meant British in the early 90s.

    Jettboy: you know what happens in this church when you say things like “it would be cool to . . .”.

    When do you want to start? I’ll help.


  5. I don’t know why my last post got munched. What I meant to write was that alternative used to mean British synthpop and it was bewildering to me to witness its broadening to the point of near meaninglessness in the early 90s.


  6. Kristi Wargo Warren says:

    Rachael, I can’t even express how proud of and happy for you I am! Seems so hard to believe that you used to be that little girl that played in Uncle George and Aunt Jean’s yard with all of us! Who would have known then that you’d be famous one day? Congratulations! I love ya!


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