Jennifer Thomas reveals Minuet score

Linescratcher Jennifer Thomas has been working all Summer on a film score for an independent short film called Minuet.  Fans and readers will be happy to see that Jennifer has released the unmastered tracks from the film on her blog.  Awesome chance to hear them before you see the film.

As far as the film goes, it has been filmed and is intended to be entered into film festivals soon.  Jennifer has given a synopsis of the film on her website:

Cairpre (Frank Heinrich) and his granddaughter Elise (Isabel Machado) live on a shore haunted by the ghost of the granddaughter’s mother (Leann Van Mol).  Afraid of the waters that took his daughter, Cairpre keeps young Elise from the shore.  But when she follows her mother’s voice down to the very shore that claimed her, Cairpre’s world is pitched on end.  He stands to loose the only thing he has to love.

That gives me chills just reading it. Jennifer’s music does really paint a cinematic picture, and the story seems downright creepy and exciting at the same time. I would really like to see this short film. Until then, we have the characteristically intense music of Jennifer Thomas to listen to.  Click HERE to read more and listen to the tracks.

Jennifer Thomas reveals Minuet score

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