The Archivist, vol. iv; Keeping records

Wherein The Archivist entreats Latter-day Saints to write down their experiences and stories so that future generations can understand us. Don’t just write in an emotional frenzy. Record the whos, whats, wheres, and whens.  Record your musical activity. You will surely benefit if you do, and regret it if you don’t.  Highly recommended for all readers and Linescratchers alike.

The Archivist, vol. iv; Keeping records

One thought on “The Archivist, vol. iv; Keeping records

  1. This was a humbling and impressive reminder. Thank you Charles.

    My first girlfriend when I was 16 gave me a journal and so that was my first attempt at keeping one. I really ended up only writing it to vent my teenage relationship frustrations and emotional difficulties, and going back and reading it was always a drag, so I stopped writing in it. I now know that was exactly the wrong way to do it, as you’ve plainly pointed out.

    I have now decided to write as much as I can of my life until this point. Not here. But somewhere. I do keep a journal of impressive dreams that I have, because I like to look for symbols in my dreams, but that’s another thing entirely.

    This post was great Charles. Stellar.


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