The Archivist, vol. iii; Pilot

Wherein The Archivist speaks of his band at BYU called Pilot.  The Archivist is guided by Providence to assemble a band with Matt Durham and others, and he winneth over fans and neighbors with music.  The band toils exceedingly and sorrows over what to name themselves.  Pilot learns and plays great gigs.  Testimonies were strengthened.

December 1998. L-R: Matt, Chad, Craig, Charles, Dave.

February 1999. Craig, Dave, Charles.

April 2000. Chad, Matt, Craig, Charles, Dave.

April 2000. Chad, Matt, Charles. (scanned from negative)

The Archivist, vol. iii; Pilot

One thought on “The Archivist, vol. iii; Pilot

  1. I will say that picking a band name has got to be the most agonizing process involved in being in a band. My friend Jim and I love suggesting band names of course. It’s just picking one, that’s the worst. I totally empathize with these bands like REM and the Indigo Girls who just picked names out of dictionaries. The pressure kills!


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