Armorie – Pew Pew review

Recommended if you like: ’90s indie pop; things that, in theory, sound awful but, in practice, are actually pretty awesome

Recommended Tracks: “One at a Time”, “Pew Pew”, “Broken Broca’s”

A few years ago, the radio show This American Life broadcast a story on two researchers who tried to create the most wanted and most unwanted songs possible.  The researchers surveyed over 500 people, asking questions about types of instruments, vocal styles, length of song, tempos, and styles of music, among other things.  The data was compiled, and the researchers tried to create a song that would appeal to the most amount of people, and one that would appeal to the least amount of people.  The most wanted song is approximately 5 minutes long, features moderate tempo and pitch range, and includes a female voice singing in rock/r&b style.  The most unwanted song is over 25 minutes long, features wild volume and tempo changes, and includes accordion, bagpipe, banjo, flute, harp, organ, and synthesizer (which, interestingly enough, was the only instrument that appears in both the most wanted and unwanted songs).  Also, an opera singer raps, and a children’s choir sings advertising jingles and holiday music.  The irony of the story is that a large chunk of listeners end up being bored by the most wanted song, but thoroughly enjoy the most unwanted song.

I bring this up because the title track to Armorie’s album Pew Pew seems like it could easily have been the result of the poll for most unwanted song.  Synth, drum machine, little children chanting the words “pew pew” (which, the band explains, is the sound children make when trying to sounds like lazers), and a harmonica solo.  The mix does not sound like a recipe for success, but the result is a fun, infectious, interesting song that will make you smile.

The rest of the album is full of mellow, ’90s style indie pop.  Lots of synth, drum machine, jangly guitars, and half singing-half-rapping-talk singing.  However, the highlight of the album is the song you think you’ll like the least.

Click HERE for the entire Pew Pew album

Click HERE for Armorie on MySpace

Pew Pew:  B- (82/100)

Armorie – Pew Pew review

3 thoughts on “Armorie – Pew Pew review

    1. maya papaya dehlin says:

      track 13 is incredible. I don’t even know what the real title is, but I heard it when I put our itunes library on shuffle on a drive through portland, oregon. I had NO IDEA it was your album. I’ve listened to it a hundred times & it’s still so beautiful.

      “those dreams don’t make much sense but you’re stuck here too…”


  1. You know, I actually liked the album more than this. In particular the song “Skipping Stone” I think is downright infectious. It partly might be the fact that I’m a psychology student, and recognized a lot of the psychology content and inside jokes thereof (including “Broken Broca’s”).


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