The Archivist, vol. ii; First Band

Wherein The Archivist tells us of his longings to play in bands as a child.  He playeth in the high school band.  He auditioneth for rock bands.  He joineth a band and there are conflicts therein.  The Archivist is lifted up in his pride, then humbled, then inspired.  They experience the ups and downs of being in a band.

The author's first drum kit in his messy room, with the Mallory Holland logo.

Mallory Holland on stage at Meridian School, early 1996. Left to right: unknown guy from other band (prize for anyone who can identify him), Will Barlow, Charles Stanford, Dave Markham.

The Archivist, vol. ii; First Band

5 thoughts on “The Archivist, vol. ii; First Band

  1. I remember the first band I played in as a teenager. Actually Jim (the Linescratchers reviewer) was in it as a bass player. The drummer was my brother, and the other guitarist was this guy named Jordan who was a really good guitar player. We were really big on Phish at the time so we’d just sit around jamming for hours. It was a ton of fun. The band was called 4F but nobody got it. Ha. And we all had nicknames… mine was Anguish Doom (two last names of people that went to my high school). How fun to think back that far.


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