The Archivist, vol. i

Linescratchers heartily welcomes Charles Stanford, also known as The Archivist, a professional archivist with a typewriter, a scanner, and a skill with memory, history, and detail.  He spent his days in the ’90s playing drums in the BYU music scene, with bands such as Pilot, and has his own blog entitled Desert Loon, where he wrote his first post about Linescratchers in May of 2010.  He responded to my invitation to blog here and we’re happy to welcome him as one of us. – Syphax

The Archivist, vol. i

4 thoughts on “The Archivist, vol. i

  1. Ah yes, I remember Napster… the widespread pillaging and looting of the music industry. Very strange times those were. Do you have an idea of why the Student Works section was only open for a short amount of time? Poor business?


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