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As a musician that has played at all in the last 10 or so years, I have had to create an interesting Myspace page. (  Well, at least I have felt the need to.  Myspace has been the go to site for years when you like a band.  Aside from creepsters, artists seem to use the site more than anyone else.  Though my html knowledge is  quite limited (as you can probably see, ha), I still go thru our source code every now and then and try to spruce it up, or at least speed up the loading time.

My question to you all, as music lovers and creators, is if Myspace is still the go to music site when you are interested in a new band? Pretty much everyone and their dog is on iTunes thanks to places like CD Baby (including us) and a Google search of a band now brings up tracks to listen to with the rest of the results (though notice, Myspace is still the top of that list).  Then there are sites like Spinner and the ever wonderful Pandora that let you hear entire songs and albums for really just being a part of their ad revenue.  The list goes on and on when it comes to music sites and the internet ( is probably my fave).  Does Myspace still hold sway for you all when it comes to music?

For me, the answer is split.  I hear new music in lots of ways, mostly from the above mentioned sites.  I know I can rely on Myspace to have the band’s newest single up for a listen and to get a feel for how the band “is”.  I do however find great information via other sites on the web, mainly the given band’s official website.  People are getting more and more creative with music sharing and marketing on the web and if Myspace does not keep up, they will be going the way of the dinosaur (or maybe they already have).


The Space

8 thoughts on “The Space

  1. I’m split as well. On the one hand, the way you can customize Myspace seemed like its downfall, because the pages took so long to load. However, Facebook really hasn’t figured out how to make good band pages I think.

    As far as iTunes goes, it’s pretty essential nowadays. When artists ask me advice about their music, I have to tell them that iTunes isn’t really optional anymore.


  2. Up to about two or three years ago I used MySpace heavily for hearing new music. That slackened for a while and I’m not sure why. I do often find MySpace pages so busy and cluttered that I don’t enjoy looking at them much, although I appreciate it when a band has photos as well as songs.

    I listened to Pandora all day every day for what seemed a few months, but recently I’m looking into MySpace pages again, especially after discovering Linescratchers. But still chiefly to hear music or see pictures of bands: I had a page of my own but have done nothing with it since I started on Facebook about two years ago. Hmmmm . . .


  3. Jake says:

    Ha I did forget about those creepster artist. haha. that’s great.

    And Facebook has totally taken over. I have my own page too until about the same time.


  4. FB is working on the artist pages, with updates and automatic adding of artists listed in your info. I don’t use Itunes, I buy a hard copy it’s old school but I will never lose it and it’s just altogether cool to have. I’ve heard artists get more money from the sale of Itunes than CDs, does anyone know if this is true?

    Also I think there may be a typo in you’re opening line
    “As a musician that has played at all in the last 10 or so years”
    Do you need to put ‘not’ in there? Or swap “at all in” for “for”.


  5. Lynden, it is true that artists make more money off iTunes. This is because CDs are so darn expensive to make. You have to do a minimum order of so many CDs because the printing companies seem to tool up for a lot of money. Then you’re left with a couple thousand CDs in your garage, and it costs you thousands of bucks. Most small-to-medium sized artists can’t sell thousands of CDs to make their money back.

    In contrast, you pay iTunes a small fee to put your music up there, they take a little cut of each sale, but you can sell as much or as little as you want without a minimum order. This is especially good for artists that don’t tour, and artists that mainly sell on the Internet to people all over the world.

    And I think Jake meant what he said… since he’s played even a little bit in the last 10 years, he has used Myspace.


  6. What I want to know is: what are MySpace and FaceBook doing to ensure the long-term duration of their content — I mean beyond the next five years or so? If anyone has read up on this I’d be interested but I should probably just do my own homework.

    About iTunes vs. CDs: you can always burn your own CDs from the tracks you download. As a non-iTunes user, though, I wonder: can you also download cover art or liner notes?

    I’m sure there must be many musicians who lament the loss of control over an album’s wholeness that putting tracks on iTunes invites. -Then again, radio singles and mix tapes have been dismembering albums for decades already . . .


  7. I don’t know about Myspace or Facebook, but I do know that the first years of Twitter were all recorded in the Library of Congress, or something. Maybe I’m just not an archivist, but I’m not sure I want future historians knowing our Twitters.

    You can indeed download album artwork with iTunes. Not sure about liner notes. That’s probably not too far off. It doesn’t have the same feeling that we all got when we were teenagers, running home to rip the plastic off our new CDs and reading all the liner notes before even putting the CD in. Yes, the “album” is being dismantled unfortunately. I think there are enough people interested in full albums for it to continue to be a viable art form, but the vast majority are more interested in downloading a single they heard during a slow-motion montage of Grey’s Anatomy, not even knowing who wrote it.


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