Annelise LeCheminant house concerts video

If y’all are unfamiliar with the concept of “house concerts,” check out the video below. Previous Linescratchers interviewee Annelise LeCheminant is a veteran of house concerts, and this video gives you a feel for what it’s like.

In short, artists set up smaller, more intimate shows within the comfort of someone’s home. Then you can invite however many people you want, have food, or play games in addition to having a personal concert. There are numerous advantages of setting up house concerts in your own home. You have a chance to really interact with the musician. When it comes to singer-songwriters like Annelise, lyrics are a very important part of the message they’re trying to convey, and interacting with them in such small settings really allows you to get to know them. Generally you work with the musician to determine how much it will cost to set up a show.

For more information about Annelise’s house concerts you can also click HERE.

Annelise LeCheminant house concerts video

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