5th Friday Open Mic – Portland

I just received word about an amazing show going down that I’m incredibly excited about. It’s called The 5th Friday Open Mic. Started three years ago at a stake center in Portland, it’s an open mic for Latter-day Saints in the Portland area to play secular, but wholesome, music. I was floored! How did I find out about this show, you might ask? Well, I ran into its creator, Mark Simnitt (of the Fossil Fools), at my sister’s sealing in the Portland Temple. Another great reason to attend the temple!

Videos are available on YouTube and from the site. It’s a great time for musicians and listeners, and the word is, they’ve been getting around 100 people on some nights, including local performer and Linescratcher KaRyn Daley. Check it out! There’s a gold mine of good new LDS music in Portland!

Find out more at www.5thfridayopenmic.com.

And here’s KaRyn, by the way:

5th Friday Open Mic – Portland

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