Nick and Shane Barnwell

Nick and Shane BarnwellACOUSTIC/FOLK

For those of you who are interested in seeing Nick and Shane Barnwell perform, well, you might have to wait a bit. Nick will be in Chile till October 2010, serving a mission. Before he left, however, Nick and his brother, from Bozeman, Montana, wrote music together. Shane recently contacted Linescratchers, sending several of his laid-back, organic tunes, and this was the result of the ensuing interview. You may have already heard them, they were featured in our last (July 4th) podcast.

When did you and Nick start writing music?
A: Nick and I have been musical all growing up but never really started writing music until about 2007 after I came home from my mission. Once I got home we started jamming and working together to create our CD which came out in the beginning of 2009.

Tell us about your brother Nick, who is now serving a mission. Where did you serve your mission?
A: Nick left for the Santiago Chile East mission in October of 2008. I served the hippies around Eugene, OR from July 2005 to 2007.

Have you been playing on your own while Nick is away?
A: Yes I’ve played in a few shows on campus, particularly Grand Pianos Live, Music outlet, and acoustic cafe. I still love to jam with anyone though.

Do you have plans for yourself and Nick when he gets off his mission?
A: Tour the world and possibly the Moon, Mama Barnwell always encourages us to “branch out”. Other than that just writing more music.

Do you feel like the music scene in Rexburg can support musicians like you?
A: I feel like Rexburg is a great way to get our music noticed, there are a lot of different types of people who are into a variety of music styles.

What instruments do you and your brother play?
A: Nick plays mostly the acoustic guitar and some piano and I play the piano and the ukulele and am slowly learning the guitar.

Tell us about your musical influences.
A: A closest musical influence includes Larry aka dad. He had a band in high school but now mostly plays bluegrass. Some more well known influences include artists like The Shins, Dave Matthews, Sufjan Sevens, John Mayer, Coldplay, Bon Iver, Joshua James, Ruru and many many more.

Where can we find your music to listen to or purchase? Are you on iTunes?
A: We are in the process of getting our music available through iTunes and other digital music stores but you can listen at our website and/or order a CD and we will ship it to you.

How else can we support your music?
A: Buy, don’t copy, support local artists.

Nick and Shane Barnwell

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